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TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated Web applications that simplify Project Management, Time, Purchasing, HR, IT, CRM and more.

TrackerSuite.Net is a suite of integrated, modular work management software applications for Web based Project Management, Help Desk, Timesheets, Purchasing, Resource Management, Business Intelligence and much more.

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TrackerSuite.Net Web work management applications are accessed via Microsoft Internet Explorer, or through Firefox. TrackerSuite.Net can integrate with other project management software applications including Microsoft Project, most popular CRM applications and virtually any other Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) compatible enterprise platform.

TrackerSuite.Net is well suited for organizations seeking high-speed, Web based solutions over WANs, or as a powerful component of an enterprise Intranet strategy.

Advantages of TrackerSuite.Net

TrackerSuite.Net offers several competitive advantages for organizations looking for Web based work software solutions for project management, billing, CRM, HR and reporting. It provides customers with a flexible licensing model and the ability to better capitalize existing IT resources and applications. These key advantages include:

  1. INTEGRATED, MODULAR APPLICATIONS: Select the applications you need to cost-effectively assemble the solution you want. Licensing is based upon the number of modules deployed and the number of named users. Hosting options are also available.
  2. SOURCE CODE INCLUDED WITH LICENSE: TrackerSuite.Net utilizes non-proprietary, established Web technologies, including LDAP, SOAP and XML. Utilize your own IT resources to customize Tracker applications to your needs. Customization services are also available from Automation Centre, the creator of TrackerSuite.Net.
  3. INTEGRATES WITH EMAIL: TrackerSuite.Net leverages email to streamline workflow, with automatic reminders for late timesheets and project status reports, as well as approval routing for timesheets, expense reports and vacation requests. TrackerSuite.Net integrates with leading email platforms, including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, as well as Web based email services such as Gmail.


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Project Portfolio Management, Job Costing, Sarbanes Oxley and More

The modular, integrated nature of TrackerSuite.Net work management software allows organizations to assemble a wide array of business process solutions, including Project Portfolio Management, Time and Billing, Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, Project Financial Management, IT Service Management, DCAA Timesheet Compliance, Improving Resource Pool Visibility and much more.

TrackerSuite.Net is also capable of integrating with other software applications, including QuickBooks Online Edition, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Great Plains and Oracle.

Role Based Solutions

TrackerSuite.Net applications provide a role based experience, with a configurable interface that provides users with the tools and information they need to work efficiently and effectively.

Executives: TrackerSuite.Net provides dashboards for projects, services and resources, and facilitates the organization's EVM and SOX initiatives.

IT Administrator: TrackerSuite.Net provides solutions that deploy without a massive reorganization of IT and associated down-time. Administrators can better track and align projects and resources, and streamline and secure processes for time, expenses and purchasing.

Project Managers: Tools to managing projects and teams effectively. Simplified workflow with centralized project information and automated routines for status reporting and tasks.

Purchasing Managers: Streamlined, secured procurement that ensures projects and operational routines run smoothly, uninterrupted by delays.

Accounting: A system that streamliens and secures time and billing, and simplifies customer invoicing.

General Users: Easy to use applications that can be configured to personal preferences and needs, that integrate easily with workflow.