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TrackerSuite.Net 2.0 Released

The latest release of TrackerSuite.Net includes new modules and an array of innovative features for management and streamlined workflow.

TrackerSuite.Net 2.0 introduced three new modules to the TrackerSuite.Net product family:

These modules integrate seamlessly with the other TrackerSuite.Net modules. For example, significant help desk tickets can be converted to projects or tasks with the click of a button, with no need to re-enter data. Tickets can also be attached to assets to facilitate help desk coverage.

As well as new modules, TrackerSuite.Net 2.0 also offers several new functions and configuration options.

New Project Management features

More Manageability Functions

  • Administration Dashboards allow the modifications, reminding and general orchestration and advancement of workflows by Adminstrators.
  • A Manager InBox and Outbox in Time Tracker.Net provides supervisors a quick glance into the activity of their employees, as well as reminder functions for late timesheets.
  • Processed timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders can be opened for editing, allowing Administrators to modify processed documents and track version history. Modifications are posted to the Tracker Data Warehouse.
  • New Tracker Data Warehouse reports that show workflow information and user roles.

More control over Time, Expense and Purchasing

Other new features

  • Email views as on the fly newsletters for projects and support services.
  • Management and projection of equipment and non-human resource costs.
  • Improved search capability.
  • Authentication via a network login or a name and password in Personnel Tracker.Net.
  • More utilities to manage people and forms.
  • On-line help.


Export status reports to Microsoft Powerpoint

Export Status Reports to PowerPoint

Configurable project dashboard

Configurable views

Purchase order aging

Form Aging in Accounting Views

Purchase order versus Payment report

Purchase Order Reports: Requested, Ordered and Paid