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New Features Announced for Upcoming TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 Release

New features include deeper reporting on project financials, more personalization options and improved accessibility and workflow among applications.

(OCTOBER 2008) Automation Centre (, a leading provider of advanced solutions for Project and IT Operations management, has announced the features in development for the next release of its 100% Web based application suite, TrackerSuite.Net (www.TrackerSuite.Net). These planned features include more detailed reporting on project financials, new workflows including integrated purchasing and asset management processes, greater accessibility and more personalization options.

"e;Our next release of TrackerSuite.Net features several major performance improvements, refining the things it already does so successfully,"e; said Steven Birchfield, chief executive officer of Automation Centre. "e;Our business intelligence reporting engine, the Tracker Data Warehouse, is one of the best on the market, and in its next version it will be able to dig deeper into key project financials- baselines, budgeted, committed, actuals and more. We are also introducing new, smarter workflows, both within our applications as well as between them, such as moving purchased assets directly from receiving into an asset database. TrackerSuite.Net is consistently evolving to make work easier for users, both as a process and in letting people access the information they need as easily as possible. TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 is the next step in that evolution."e;

The new features announced for TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 include:

  • Greater business intelligence capabilities with new reports and finer information granularity. TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 will offer deeper reporting on project financials, including Baseline, Budgeted, Committed and Actual, as well as greater drill-down with Crystal Reports. It will generate new reports on Work Breakdown and Accounting Unit Breakdowns, as well as provide Web dashboards for Earned Value and Project Status.
  • Smart, integrated workflow capabilities for Web based purchasing and asset management. Assets purchased through TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 can automatically be imported into its asset database when they are marked received. The asset database will include a new function for RMA management, simplifying asset returns.
  • More Web help desk automation. TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 will feature the automatic escalation of support tickets exceeding their SLA, as well as the ability to automatically convert support issues submitted via email into requests and assign them.
  • Improved accessibility and password recovery functions. TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 will offer improved support for Mozilla Firefox browsers. TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 will also allow users to reset and email password for forms authentication, easing the workload of support services for issues involving lost or forgotten passwords.
  • New personalization options. TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 will offer a new widgets feature for customizing project home pages and the user desktop, as well as the ability to personalize views with colors and export the entire format to Microsoft Excel.
  • New features and tools. In addition to new features for Web based invoicing and customer mailing list management, TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 will also include a central event log for all applications and an agent manager to automatically run functions including time sheet reminders, ticket and workflow escalation. A new, key security feature planned is Team Member security on projects.


TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 is in development, with a planned release in June 2009. For an overview of the current version of TrackerSuite.Net, visit www.TrackerSuite.Net. Site visitors may register for immediate access to a free online demo of the current version of TrackerSuite.Net.

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