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TrackerSuite.Net 3.5 Release Notes

Our latest release offers an array of new features and real-world cloud capabilities, such as out-of-the-box integration with QuickBooks Online.

Automation Centre is pleased to announce the release of TrackerSuite.Net 3.5, the latest version of its Web based enterprise workflow suite. As well as enhancing the user experience with improved widget performance and new, intuitive navigation features, this latest release boasts an array of new features for:

  • Simplifying project financial planning and forecasting of costs.
    Profiling and tracking project issues and risks, and reporting status.
  • New tools and views for time reporting and management.
  • A new, rich feature set for CRM, with tools for managing contracts, activities, opportunities - even customer correspondence.
  • Stronger support services, with new tools for managing system announcements, FAQs and Knowledge Bases.
  • New personnel management features, including the ability to sort vacation calendars by department and manager.
  • All modules now support international characters, numbers and dates.
  • Integration with QuickBooks® Online Edition, from Intuit®. This integration has earned Automation Centre “Silver Developer” status in the Intuit Developer Network.

We are pleased to offer a gallery of TrackerSuite.Net 3.5 screenshots.

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The modules with new features include:

Specific to each module, the new features offered in TrackerSuite.Net include:

Project Tracker.Net

  • Tightly integrated Account Code based budgeting system for projects.
    New reports, including a project level Cost Report as well a Project
  • Planning report that provides a view of project financials within a time period.
  • Profile risks and issues in the Project, Task or Status Report form.
    New Programs widget for the desktop.
  • A new, configurable Budget Forecast column.
  • More detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) templates can be configured and used to create tasks en masse.
  • Track Actual Hours against Planned Hours for resources.
  • Update existing tasks while importing from Microsoft Project schedule.
    Programs can now be renamed.
  • Improved Program Dashboard that lists all projects under that program, as well as issues and risks.
  • Improved document management, with a new hierarchy system for categorization as well as templates for project documents.
  • Filter resources based on their project team for task assignments.
  • Have any resource that has input Actual Hours against a task automatically assigned to that task.
  • Enhanced workflow with new “Project Type” Managers Roles as a selection.
  • Color coding has been added to the project views to reflect project health.
  • Improved export of status reports as PowerPoint presentations.
  • Improved project request approval email includes budget and planning data.
  • Project documents now include programmable fields.

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Time Tracker.Net

  • Color coded Timesheet Compliance reports for monitoring the time reporting process.
  • Improved Time In / Time Out reporting mode.
  • Timesheet reminder function has been added with Inbox and Outbox views specific to the Supervisor role.
  • Users can directly access tasks and tickets via links in the timesheet.
  • Disallow charging against tasks with specific statuses, or that have passed a certain number of days after their completion.
  • Support tickets can be marked complete from a timesheet.
  • Simplified task and ticket selection on timesheet with sorting by the Last Modified Date.
  • More control over the timesheet layout and header.
  • Improved validation messages with specific header titles for validation failure.
  • Timesheets now list all activities for selection for the projects with blank project types.
  • Activities can now be marked optional for Absences and Holidays.

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Support Tracker.Net

  • Easily add tickets to a FAQ database.
  • Create Evaluation Profiles with dynamic questions that can be sent to a profiled user on the completion of a ticket.
  • Improved general user homepages with system news and announcements.
  • Configure button level access for different user roles to control access to ticket form functions.
  • Send email notifications from tickets, which are logged with the ticket for easy review.
  • New Support Submitter and Support Request roles for configuring rules for tickets.
  • New summary views simplify ticket review and categorization such as Summary Views for Top and Bottom level SCBS, and Summary View for Average Closure.
  • Filter support requests based on their overdue status.
  • New My Tickets Widget contains all tickets that a user created or that are assigned to that user.
  • Users can now see the last updated date for status notes on Support Tracker.Net views.
  • Administrators can broadcast messages to users by creating announcements within Support Tracker.Net.
  • Set default priority for tickets.

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Invoice Tracker.Net

  • Users can now export the invoice document to either PDF or Word format with a click of a button.
  • Form level security for Invoice documents has been added to secure the invoice specific sensitive information.

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Purchase Tracker.Net

  • Integrates with Asset Tracker.Net so that assets can be created from received items, eliminates duplicate effort in data management activities.
  • Review project budget while filling out, submitting or approving purchase request.
  • Purchase Tracker.Net now supports “1099” vendors, vendors for whom payment for services must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

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Expense Tracker.Net

  • Charge expenses against tasks.
  • Expense Tracker data is now available in GL table for accounting purposes.
  • Pay Type and Tax Type fields on Expense form can be made mandatory for certain users.

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Asset Management

  • Seamless integration with Purchase Tracker.Net. Managers have the ability to see all assets which are created through Purchase Tracker requests.
  • Simplified the asset profiling process by moving Manufacturer and Model information to the Asset Document.

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Customer Tracker.Net

  • Role based access to customer information for Sales Managers, Sales People, Technical Managers and Financial Managers.
  • Simplified prospect management with Assign and Duplicate functions.
  • Opportunity management functions and tracking views of Pending Pipelines, Forecasts and Wins / Losses.
  • Simpler correspondence management. Send email notifications which are logged with the Company, Contact, or Contract with which it is related.
  • Organize day-to-day sales activities for prospects, opportunities and contracts with Tickler lists. Reschedule multiple, future activities with a single click of a button.
  • Summary views with the ability to search information for a specified period have been introduced to give more control over information (Prospect Summary Views, Ticker View). Sales staff can categorize and filter prospects by Quality, Source and Region in addition to Prospect Owner.
  • Configure Customer Tracker.Net forms to suit your information requirements with custom tabs and fields.
  • Important Customer Tracker.Net forms, including Company and Contact, can now hold attachments.
  • Automated prospect assignment notifications for new assignees.

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Personnel Tracker.Net

  • A new secure form has been introduced that saves Salary information and stores it in an encrypted format with restricted access. The Tracker Data Warehouse utilizes this data to generate secure Salary Information reports.
  • Holiday preferences can be set based on the individual locations of users, enabling HR to track their holidays based on their geographical location.
  • The ability to search user records in multiple LDAP domains has been introduced to make person record creation easy in the application. This functionality is available on both the “Add User” and “Choose User” buttons.
  • Various important fields have been enabled on views such as Person Manager and Supervisor for better information filtering and management.
  • New OBS, Manager, Supervisor filters to Company Calendar view to filter desired information.
  • A new view for tracking Personnel Tracker.Net User Licenses.
  • Users can now export Active Directory records to Microsoft Excel for validation purposes.
  • Added Group to the Person document.
  • Vacation requests now support partial days.

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For More Information

For more information about TrackerSuite.Net, please call (520) 882-9287 today to speak with an Automation Centre representative. If you are interested in a trial of TrackerSuite.Net, register for immediate access to an evaluation site. A representative will contact you to discuss setting up a private evaluation site for your organization.

Project cost reports

Users can click a Budget link on a purchase request form to review an up-to-date Project Cost Report prior to approving the item.

New program and project widgets

An improved Program Dashboard and widgets for reporting the progress, status and health of projects within a program.

New program and project widgets

New tools for support services, including a "My Tickets" and "Announcements" widgets.

More easily profile project issues and risks

Simplify the profiling of project issues and risks. Users can create and track issues from the Project, Task or Status Report form.

Time In / Time Out timesheet formats

A new Web based timesheet form, allowing users to charge hours against projects and support tickets on a Time In/ Time Out basis.

Timesheet compliance reports

A color-coded timesheet compliance report which shows the status of all timesheets in the system.

Ticket summary reports

Summary views simplify the review all the tickets and their status in the system: by their assignment, requestor, request type and location in the support services matrix.

Manage FAQs and Knowledge bases

Configure FAQs and Knowledge Bases for user self-help.

Manage customer activities

Improved functions for creating and tracking CRM activities and managing tickler lists.

Win Loss reports

New views for tracking the status of new opportunities with customers, including Pending Pipeline and Win / Loss Reports