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TrackerSuite.Net 3.6 Release Notes

This latest release offers substantial speed and performance enhancements, through improvements to the widget framework, code optimization, client-side caching of style sheets and consolidation of Web service calls. Several key new features of TrackerSuite.Net 3.6 include:

  • Powerful new view technology, including an interactive Project Gantt Charts with point-and-click linking. These new views feature drag-and-drop columns and inline editing.
  • Enhanced features for mobile tools. Managers can easily review and approve items from devices including the iPhone and Blackberry.
  • A new Rich Text Editor that supports HTML tables, with styles for rich contents, as well as a built-in spell check option and Smart Tag functions that auto-populate emails with customer, project and support information.
  • Productivity improvements, including natural time and status updating of tasks and support tickets, synchronization with tasks and contacts in Microsoft Outlook, the ability of users to auto-populate their timesheet with their resource plan, new options for drill down.
  • New widgets, including a New/ Open/ Closed/ Escalated Ticket graph from which users can drill down to individual tickets.
  • New template options allow managers to create whole tasks, including descriptions and pre-assignments based on name or role, with the click of a button.
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One of the most anticipated TrackerSuite.Net 3.6 features is the Customer Portal, which unifies the functions of Customer Tracker.Net, Project Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net. Designated customer contacts may now collaborate on projects and submit support tickets through a new Customer Portal in TrackerSuite.Net, which presents them with a customized user interface with their own personalized widgets.

As well as these features, there are application-specific improvements as well, including:

Project Tracker.Net

  • Interactive Project Gantt Charts view with drag-and-drop workloads.
  • A new, configurable, color coded Task Dashboard view with in place editing.
  • Users can now charge time against tasks when they update the status of the task.
  • Create multiple documents for a project simultaneously, from templates.
  • Add multiple team members to a project with a single click.
  • Tasks templates can now auto-populate new tasks with complete descriptions.
  • Improved Milestone dashboard with Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) filters and new budget related fields.
  • Related data is linked for increased efficiencies, such as viewing project related support tickets from the Project Definition or Status Report form.
  • Task forms show Actual time spent on the task by assignees each week.
  • Full status reports are now integrated in the Project Definition form.
  • Export status reports as Word documents or PDFs.
  • Documents can be checked in or checked out right from the Project Desktop.
  • Enhanced issue tracking capabilities.
  • Schedule Task Exception Reports to be emailed to Project Managers, Sponsors and Task Assignees.
  • Support for TextArea and PickList custom fields in the Project Definition form, allowing users to enter more text content and select multiple keyword values from dropdown fields.
  • Support Tickets can be created right from the Project Definition document. All Support Tickets for a particular project are also listed in a newly added tab Tickets on the project form as well as on the status report.
  • New Project and Program Ticket Widgets that list all the Support Tickets for a particular project and all the projects under a certain program.

Time Tracker.Net

  • New shortcut keys for form simplify navigation (using Arrow keys), saving (CTRL+S), saving and closing (CTRL+Q) and more.
  • Users can now load their task assignments from their resource plan into their timesheet.
  • In order to maintain data consistency for billable/non-billable hours, Billable flag on a timesheet can be refreshed from Project document upon the submission of a timesheet.

Asset Tracker.Net

  • Simplified, two-step PC Survey. A user simply submits a Survey and an administrator can process it to create respective assets.
  • New Survey Sent and Received view that managers can leverage to monitor Survey success rates. The Survey sending action is also logged for reference purposes.
  • Survey managers can send Survey Reminders to users who are late submitted their responses.

Support Tracker.Net

  • New widgets. A Ticket Flow widget that graphically depicts the ticket flow through the entire helpdesk system. Another new widget provides a stacked graphic view for tickets categorized on Assigned To and last SCBS level.
  • Personalized ticket notifications with custom fields.
  • While entering a status note on the ticket, users have the option to charge billable/non-billable time against the ticket.
  • Automated ticket e-newsletters listing all open tickets can be sent to support managers and staff.
  • New integration with Asset Tracker allows requestors to attach their assigned assets or select items from the assets inventory with their tickets.
  • A new summary view shows the ticket count for Open, Escalated, Deferred and Closed based on the Assignees Manager.
  • A new link is provided on the Support Request form to show all the history tickets for the selected Requestor on the ticket.
  • Users can now update the status notes of a Support Ticket even if it is closed, allowing them to reflect the latest status for that particular issue.

Customer Tracker.Net

  • New functions for mass assignment of contacts and ticklers.
  • One-click creation of customer profiles, with multiple contacts, using dedicated import utility for Prospects from MS Excel Import Template.
  • Contacts can be copied or moved from one company to another.
  • New Widgets for Sales staff: My Ticklers and Pending Pipelines.
  • New function for mass-export of customer data to spreadsheets.
  • New Tracker Data Warehouse report lists all the Contracts for all Customers that are registered in Customer Tracker.Net.
  • Improved the cross linking between logical information pieces. Clicking the company link on the Contact form opens the Company document.

Tracker Data Warehouse

  • New reports: Project Pipeline, Sales Forecast. Prospect Sales Activity.
  • Leave reports list Leave Type/Sub Type information with relevant date and number of days for the employees.

Expense Tracker.Net

  • Improved security with Expense Template logging.
  • Enhanced approval emails with custom fields.

Personnel Tracker.Net

  • Simplified movement from Windows to Forms based Authentication mode with a switch in the Personnel Tracker.Net setup form.
  • New section for Authentication Information in the Person form for better organization of login credentials.
  • Personnel Tracker now supports Customer Authentication, allowing designated customer contacts to access a Customer Portal. The License view is enhanced to show the count and information for customer contacts that are enabled to log-in to the portal. Clicking the Contact Name link directly opens that contacts information from Customer Tracker.Net.
  • Calendar improvements for handling holidays that span months, partial day handling of event invitations, and support for international parameters for partial day vacations.
  • New utilities for mass assigning vacation accrual and carryovers.
  • New Vacation Leave subcategories that facilitate various leave types. For example, users can now sub define multiple types under General leave type, such as General Volunteering.
  • Improvements to the vacation submission process, including functions to preventing duplicate requests for the same period.
  • New Leave Used view for managers, with links to open related timesheets or vacation requests.
  • Log tab is added on the Person form that keeps track of document edits for audit purposes.
  • Better LDAP Integration: Administrators can now define default user roles that should be allocated to the person records while bringing them in from the Active Directory.

Purchase Tracker.Net

  • Users with a Purchasing role can now assign Purchase orders, as well as control the approval of Change Orders.
  • Unit of Measure is now included in the Vendor Parts document. When a part is selected in a Purchase Request, its related unit of measure is utilized in the line item.
  • New control of Amount Overage at the time of issuing a PO number, that is in relation to the Approved Amount.
  • Users can now view the projects budget from a Purchase Request.
  • Added the ability to restrict account codes selection on a Purchase Request based on Account Codes in the Project Budget.
  • Added the ability to add notes from a predefined list of notes on a Purchase Request. These notes can also be forwarded to the Vendors if required.