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Simplify billing for Information Technology (IT) services and improve performance with integrated Web based applications that leverage email to automate workflow.

TrackerSuite.Net improves the efficiencies of IT billing processes by offering integrated, Web based applications for IT project management, help desk services, CRM, time and billing, purchasing and invoicing. Working together, these applications share data and streamline the workflow of the IT billing process, as well as improving the performance of support services and IT projects.

These applications integrate with email clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Web based email such as Gmail

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What is TrackerSuite.Net?

TrackerSuite.Net is a Web based suite of integrated applications that offers organizations several competitive advantages:

  • Applications for every aspect of the enterprise, including projects, help desk, CRM, time and expense, purchasing, invoicing, HR, asset management and business intelligence.
  • A modular solution structure that allows organizations to select the applications they need to assemble the solution they want.
  • TrackerSuite.Net is available as a hosted service. Organizations also have the option of hosting TrackerSuite.Net with their own infrastructure.
  • Source code is included with license (only for organizations hosting TrackerSuite.Net with their own infrastructure).

Deliver Successful IT Projects

Using Project Tracker.Net, organizations can more easily launch Information Technology projects and schedule resources with tools including:

  • Define projects, including their milestones, budget, billing rates and more.
  • Configure tasks utilizing a Work Breakdown structure that supports task linking and indenting, as well as subtasks.
  • Utilize resource allocation views to monitor availability and workloads, with the ability to drill down on individual resources.
  • View color coded project portfolio dashboards that highlight budget and schedule status.

Improve Help Desk Performance

Support Tracker.Net is a 100% Web based help desk system that improves support services by simplifying ticket creation, smart ticket routing, automating workflow and providing functions for tracking ticket status and help desk performance.

  • Tickets can be submitted:
    • By Web form.
    • If an issue is reported via Microsoft Outlook, the user can drag that email into the Support Tracker.Net folder to automatically create a ticket.
    • Email accounts may be configured that automatically convert incoming emails into tickets and route them appropriately.
  • Tickets can be created for other users or customers.
  • Maps to your support services model with multiple, configurable profiles for ticket category and priority.
  • Generate reports on support service performance and results.
  • Convert support tickets into projects or tasks.

Centralize CRM

Customer Tracker.Net facilitates customer services and the management of contracts. It serves as a customer information store for the other TrackerSuite.Net modules, eliminating the need to manually enter customer information that is already available.

  • Detailed customer files, with information on billing, responsible managers, contacts, customer projects and support tickets.
  • Manage customer contacts.
  • Integrates with other TrackerSuite.Net modules to facilitate customer IT projects, support services, billing and reporting.

Simplify Time, Expense and Purchasing

All of these applications integrate with Time Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net and Purchase Tracker.Net, simplifying the billing process with features including:


  • Users can create and submit a timesheet, expense report or purchase request from any location, whether they are in the office or working remotely, within their email client or over the Web.
  • Timesheets, expense reports and purchase requests include picklists that simplify creation, saving users the time of keying data:
    • When filling out timesheets, users can choose from picklists for projects, tasks and support tickets. Text fields for details are also included. Users can also auto-populate a current timesheet with the projects and tasks from a previous timesheet, using a "Last Submitted Timesheet" button.
    • When filling out expense reports, users can choose from projects, account codes (Airfare, Lodging, etc.), payment options (VISA, AMEX, Cash, etc.), and even currency (Expense Tracker.Net offers both domestic and international expense forms).
    • The purchase request form offers picklists for information including vendors and shipping details, as well as a General Ledger coding section where users can charge purchase request amounts against projects and tasks with account codes.
  • Users can easily manage their unsubmitted timesheets and expense reports, track the status of their submitted forms, and review their previous forms using an intuitive InBox / OutBox interface..
  • Both timesheets and expense reports are automatically routed through the approval process. Submitted forms can be delivered via email to designated approvers, who can click a link to approve the emailed timesheet or expense report.
  • An activity log records every step of the form's progress, with dates and electronic signatures that establish a trail of responsibility.

Invoicing Made Easy

Invoice Tracker.Net facilitates invoice workflow for Accounts Receivable by integrating TrackerSuite.Net applications for time and expense, purchasing, project management and CRM with invoice templates, tools and reports.

  • Export invoices to Microsoft Word, with configurable invoice templates for creating custom invoice formats.
  • Multiple views, including invoice lists and invoice forecasts.
  • Change resource billing rates at time of billing.
  • Mark time and expenses billable and non billable at time of invoicing.
  • Make additions and adjustments.
  • Send invoices for review.
  • Allocate fixed price items to employees and report billable
  • revenue by employee and customer.
Define IT project budgets and billing rates

Define IT Projects, their Budgets and Billing Rates

Web based help desk

Track Support Tickets with Color Coded Dashboards

Creating a timesheet

Charge Time Against Projects and Tickets

Purchase orders online

Simplify Purchasing

Automate timesheet, expense report and purchase order approval with email.

Automate the Approval Process with Email

Centralized Customer Information and Contracts

Invoicing solution

Simplified Invoice Generation