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Automation Centre is the award winning developer of collaborative software utilizing email and the Web.

In 1994 Automation Centre, a privately held company, began providing computer products and services to consulting organizations, with a special focus on technology companies. We recognized that an environment of rapidly changing market conditions and scarce skilled human resources mandated streamlined business processes. We helped our clients accomplish this by re-engineering and automating service chain processes within their businesses.

In the course of our work, we developed a framework for collaborative solutions that produce a highly responsive management and workflow environment, one which automates the sales delivery and measurements processes of the service organization. These applications include:

  • TrackerSuite.Net
  • The latest release from Automation Centre, a Web based, integrated suite of applications for project management, support services, asset tracking, time and expense reporting, purchase-to-pay, personnel management and reporting. TrackerSuite.Net applications also integrate with the organization's email platform, to provide features such as automated email reminders for timesheets and status reports, task notifications and more.
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  • Tracker Suite®
  • An award winning suite of integrated, Web-enabled Lotus Notes modules similar to TrackerSuite.Net, but also including applications for applicant management and sales force automation. For more information, visit
  • TrackerOffice®
  • A smaller suite of applications based on the Microsoft Outlook/Exchange email platform. TrackerOffice includes applications of projects, time and expense, purchasing, personnel management and reporting. For more information, visit

Today in business, where people make the difference, Automation Centre makes the difference for people. Our collaborative solutions automate the many necessary activities (called the service value chain or simply the service chain) for delivering professional services to customers. Tracker software leverages the installed base and user skills of the most popular e-mail platforms, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook and Web based email services such as Gmail and Yahoo!, resulting in zero impact on an organizations computer footprint and requiring minimal user training.

Our more than 500 customers around the globe include industry leaders such as Starz, Gooodyear, Random House, Sanyo, Thermofisher Scientific, Canon, Samsonite and many others.

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Tracker Suite project dashboard

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TrackerOffice for Microsoft Outlook