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Paperless Accounts Payable Benefits

A paperless accounts payable system offers sizable benefits to organizations looking to increase efficiencies.

Establishing paperless AP processes with TrackerSuite.Net is possible through the integration of several modules that streamline workflow. Organizations considering such a move are often focused on one or more of the benefits of an electronic AP system, which include lowered costs, improved process security and enhanced performance.

TrackerSuite.Net, a 100% Web based system with modules that automate the processes of Purchasing, Expense Reporting, Check Requests and Reporting, simplifies the management of this process. TrackerSuite.Net integrates with major email platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Web based email services such as Gmail. In addition, TrackerSuite.Net also offers out of the box integration with QuickBooks Online Edition.

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The Advantages of Paperless AP

The benefits of transitioning to a paperless system include:

  • By replacing a manual, paper-driven process, situations such as lost or missing paperwork, duplicate paperwork, incorrect PO numbers, unapproved vendors, tardy submissions and review, are minimized if not eliminated. In addition, TrackerSuite.Net forms include activity logs with time and date/stamped electronic signatures that establish an audit trail for all financial items.
  • A paperless system provides stronger internal controls than a manual accounts payable system that can be compromised by human foibles. For example, TrackerSuite.Net sends automated notifications and reminders for items awaiting approval, with links that put recipients one click away from their responsibility.
  • Streamlined approval workflow accelerates processing.
  • Improved vendor relationships through rapid fulfillment of invoices.
  • The electronic forms offers by TrackerSuite.Net simplify 2-way and 3-way matches. For example, the Web based purchase order form in Purchase Tracker.Net tie the purchase order, its receiving notes and vendor invoices in one tabbed view.
  • TrackerSuite.Net integrates with your existing email system, users don't have to leave their Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes email client.
  • TrackerSuite.Net provides administrators with a real-time view of all invoice items in the system and their status.
  • Elimination of paper files eliminated overhead related to their storage, organization and management.

For More Information about Simplifying Accounts Payable

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As well as simplifying the AP process, TrackerSuite.Net also offers solutions for:

Going paperless? PO activity logs within electronic forms simplify the establishment of this process for AP.

Activity Logs Establish Audit Trails for All Purchase Requests, Expense Reports and Check Requests

Simple Inbox / Outbox interface for the AP process, provides users a central location for tracking the status of purchase orders.

AP Inbox / Outbox Provide Real Time Status of Vendor Invoices