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Easy Automation of Accounts Payable

Automation of Accounts Payable via TrackerSuite.Net is achieved by replacing paper based processes with integrated, Web based modules for Purchasing, Check Requests and Expense Reporting.

Paper based AP procedures are inherently problematic due to potential human errors, security issues and the vulnerability of paper to destruction or loss. These factors are motivating an increasing number of organizations to seek AP automation solutions.

The typical difficulties experienced by organizations in deploying such a solution include its adoption by users and its integration into organizational workflow. TrackerSuite.Net, a Web based suite of applications that facilitate automating AP, sidesteps these potential issues through its integration with email systems including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Web based email services such as Gmail. This integration allows users to work directly within the email client they use every day, as well as creates unique workflow opportunities. Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, organizations can easily establish a paperless AP system, and enjoy benefits including improved performance and more accurate and timely accounting.

The modular nature of TrackerSuite.Net allows organizations to choose the applications they need to assemble the solution they want. These applications include Purchase Tracker.Net, Payment Tracker.Net, Expense Tracker.Net and the Tracker Data Warehouse. TrackerSuite.Net is also capable of integrating with accounting systems, and offers out of the box integration with Intuit QuickBooks.

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Streamlining and Securing AP

Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net applications, organizations can streamline their Accounts Payable workflow by replacing paper based processes with electronic forms. TrackerSuite.Net applications provide:

  • Automated approval routing for all purchase orders, check requests and expense reports, reducing approval cycles to a matter of minutes.
  • Process security with activity logs and electronic signatures that record all form activity, establishing a "trail of responsibility" for every item and forestalling potential abuse or fraud.
  • Improved accounting accuracy. Expense report charges can be charged by line item to account codes, while purchase order and check request forms include a General Ledger coding section, where the total amount of the request can be divided against multiple account codes.
  • An online vendor database.

Improving AP Visibility

As well as streamlining and securing AP processes, TrackerSuite.Net provides views and reports that simplify management and provide greater visibility of the entire process.

  • Dashboard views for purchasing, check requests and expense reports provide administrators a global displays of the totals and status of all payable items.
  • The Tracker Data Warehouse provides an array of real-time AP reports, including Purchase Orders vs. Payments, Purchase Lists and Summaries. An Accounting Details report is also available, providing a comprehensive listing of purchases which can be broken down by Project, Task, Vendor, Requestor or General Ledger Account Code.

TrackerSuite.Net Advantages

  • 100% Web based with extremely fast, highly scalable applications.
  • Source code included in licensing.
  • Modular structure allows organizations to select the applications they need to assemble the solution they want.

Beyond Automating Accounts Payable

As well as providing an AP solution, TrackerSuite.Net can also simplify the work of AR with Invoice Tracker.Net, which serves as an online invoice repository and includes an array of templates, tools and reports.

Organizations can also leverage the integrated nature of TrackerSuite.Net applications for other initiatives, including:

Automated purchase order approval routing simplifies AP

Automated Approval Routing for Purchase Orders, Expense Reports and Payment Requests

Expense report delivered via email for approval

Integration with Email Streamlines Approvals

Paperless expense reporting

Expense Reports

AP reporting

Purchase Orders vs. Payments Report