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Billable Time Tracking Software

How important is a solid, billable time reporting process? Consider this, if you have 200 mobile users who neglect to enter just 2 hours a month on their timesheets, at a billable rate of $150 per hour, the resulting loss in revenue totals $720,000 a year! On top of that, consider all the potentially billable time your employees spend simply tracking and reporting their own hours.

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Time Tracker.Net is a 100% Web based time reporting system which allows users to charge time as billable or non-billable.

  • Using Web timesheets, the user selects a project and a corresponding task to charge time against. These projects and tasks are created in Project Tracker.Net. If the project is marked as billable in Project Tracker.Net, "Billable" checkbox column in the timesheet is marked accordingly. If the nature of the organization's work depends on some flexibility in charging time as billable, this checkbox can be made editable.
  • A "Total Billable Hours" column shows the total hours in the timesheet which are considered billable.
  • Upon submission, the timesheet is automatically routed through the approval process, streamlining billing.

The Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, receives data from the various TrackerSuite.Net modules, including Time Tracker.Net and Project Tracker.Net. It compiles this data into a wide array of business intelligence reports, including Billable Hours by Employee. The Tracker Data Warehouse features include:

  • Configure reports on the fly with drag-and-drop columns, pivot tables and filters.
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel.
  • Integration with Crystal Reports.
  • Create custom reports by reconfiguring an existing report and saving it, or create a brand new report using a report editor.

Experience TrackerSuite.Net Today

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Set project budgets and billing.

Set Project Budgets and Billing

Charge billable time with Web timesheets.

Charge Billable Time with Web Timesheets

Generate reports on billing.

Employee Billable Reports