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Web Based Business Process Applications

Web based business process applications provided by TrackerSuite.Net for Projects, IT and HR are highly flexible and integrate with one another, allowing organizations to leverage modules for numerous business needs.

Projects and Portfolio Management

Time, Billing, Purchasing & Invoicing

Personnel & Resources

  • Employee Vacation Tracking: Personnel Tracker.Net simplifies employee vacation tracking from start to finish, from the initial request through approval, as well as providing tools such as Time Off calendars and leave accrual functions.
  • Web Based Resource Management: Web based resource management applications provided by TrackerSuite.Net simplify personnel management and automate HR routines.
  • Improving Resource Pool Visibility: TrackerSuite.Net provides tools and views that improve resource pool visibility, empowering managers with the ability to drill down on resource availability.
  • Web based HRIS / HRMS: TrackerSuite.Net offers a Web based HRIS / HRMS software solution that simplifies and automates key HR processes as well facilitating payroll.


IT Management & Support

  • Web Based Work Order Software: Simplify work order creation and improve responsiveness.
  • Hosted Help Desk Services: For organizations seeking a hosted help desk system, Support Tracker.Net offers compelling advantages.
  • IT Dashboards: Configure IT Dashboards that put provide a mile-high overview of your IT Projects and Support Services, from which you can quickly and easily drill down to projects, tasks, support tickets, resources and more
  • Track IT Spending: Track IT spending with integrated applications for project management, purchasing, time reporting, business intelligence reporting and more.
  • SLA Management: SLA management for IT services is simplified by Support Tracker.Net, a Web based help desk.
  • Help Desk Ticketing System: The comprehensive help desk ticketing system provided by Support Tracker.Net simplifies ticket creation, routing, management and tracking.
  • IT Service Management: The IT service management (ITSM) process is facilitated by TrackerSuite.Net, with integrated solutions for Project Management, Help Desks and CRM.
  • IT Contract Management.
  • CRM Help Desk: For organizations seeking to merge their CRM and Help Desk processes, the integrated modules for CRM and support services in TrackerSuite.Net provide a simple solution.
  • Managing IT Assets: Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, organizations can establish an IT Asset Management strategy for managing IT hardware and software asset lifecycles, from procurement to decommissioning.
  • Consolidating IT Operations: Modular, Web based solutions allow organizations to assemble custom solutions for their IT Operations management strategy..
  • Improve IT Reliability and Efficiency: Improving IT reliability and efficiency is simple with TrackerSuite.Net, which provides integrated solutions for managing IT projects, support services, assets and resources.
  • Cloud Help Desk.
  • IT Process Management: IT process management is simplified with integrated, Web based applications for support services, asset management, IT projects and more.
  • IT Chargeback System: IT chargeback systems can provide substantial benefits for your organization. Here are three reasons to consider implementing one, and how TrackerSuite.Net can help make it a success.
  • Simple Help Desk.
  • Solution for IT.
  • SharePoint Help Desk Alternative.

Enterprise Needs

  • Business Software Implementation: TrackerSuite.Net offers a simple implementation path for organizations seeking business software solutions.
  • Web Based Decision Support Software: Web based decision support software from Automation Centre provides users with a single point of access to business intelligence from across the organization.
  • Reducing Enterprise Costs: TrackerSuite.Net helps enterprises reduce costs through automating processes, more effective resource allocation, and better detection of value versus costs.
  • Improving Business Agility and Flexibility: Improving business agility and flexibility is a mandate for many organizations in the current economy,
  • A Virtual Project Office: Put your project managers and teams a click away from the information and tools they need to succeed, all through the Web or their email.
  • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance: Connecting Purchase Tracker.Net with the organization's accounting system to institute a purchase-to-pay compliance platform. Workflows can be assembled that link purchase requisition forms to the purchase-to-pay cycle, establishing an authorization trail for compliance reporting. TrackerSuite.Net can also be leveraged for the Canadian version of SOX, Bill 198.
  • Tracking R&D Tax Credits: Ensure that your organization is capturing its due R&D credits with integrated solutions for project management, time and expense reporting, purchasing and business intelligence.
  • Complying with SOP 98-1: Organizations seeking to capitalize internal software projects under SOP 98-1 guidelines can facilitate their efforts with TrackerSuite.Net.
  • Role Based Software: Role based software puts users a click away from the data and tools they need to work effectively in their position within the organization.
  • Professional Services Automation: TrackerSuite.Net integrates project management, CRM, time, expense and purchasing to provide a comprehensive, Web based PSA software solution, with out of the box integration with QuickBooks Online.
  • ITIL Adoption: The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) aims to improve the management of IT services within the organization, for lowered costs, improved efficiency and productivity. Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, organizations can easily adopt several key IT service and reporting functions described by ITIL.
  • Earned Value Management and ANSI/EIA 748 Compliance: TrackerSuite.Net modules provide a Web based Earned Value Management system that organizations can use to more effectively track projects and forecast costs.
  • SR&ED Tax Credit Capture: Canadian technology companies can utilize the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) investment tax credit program to reap substantial savings.
  • Automating Defense Contracting and DCAA Timesheet Compliance: TrackerSuite.Net offers defense contractors tools to that simplify, automate and improve their project management and cost accounting processes.
  • QuickBooks Integration for Professional Services and Job Costing: The ability of TrackerSuite.Net to integrate with cloud based services such as QuickBooks Online offers organizations a robust, flexible solution that simplifies workflow and improves accounting processes.
  • Unifying BPM and SOA: BPM and SOA, typically at odds with one another, are unified in TrackerSuite.Net, a suite of integrated, 100% Web based applications that streamline and automate business processes.
  • An Executive Information System.
  • A Paperless Office solution.
  • Automating Accounts Payable, using Great Plains or Oracle system.
  • MAS 90 and MAS 200 Back End Integration.
  • SAP Accounts Payable automation.

Facilitating Migration

  • Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration: Many companies are considering a migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint for faster, easier access to data and applications via the Web. TrackerSuite.Net offers the same advantages and a far simpler implementation, as well as additional benefits.
  • Lotus Notes Migration: TrackerSuite.Net simplifies the migration path of organizations seeking to transition from a Lotus Notes platform to Exchange or the Web.
  • Lotus Notes Database Replacement: TrackerSuite.Net makes it easier for organizations seeking to migrate their business processes from Lotus Notes databases to the Web.

Facilitating Workflow

  • Web based collaboration: A Web based collaboration software solution, TrackerSuite.Net empowers your workforce by providing a central, online space for working together on projects and IT services.
  • Mobile Workforce Solution: TrackerSuite.Net serves as a mobile workforce solution, providing your distributed workforce with Web based applications that allow them to work through a virtual office from any location.
  • Improving Workforce Effectiveness: Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, organizations can improve the effectiveness of their workforce by rebalancing project and service portfolios and tracking resource workloads.