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A Decision Support System

As a decision support system, TrackerSuite.Net provides executives with a personal workspace they can configure to present the information they want, in addition to powerful reporting capabilities.

Using the Tracker Desktop, decision makers can assemble a personal workspace that puts all the information they want in easy reach, such as projects awaiting their approval, project charters and status reports.

They can also create their own collections of business data views. For example, an executive might create a Project Portfolio collection, which would include tabs for dashboards of projects by priority, issues and risks, portfolio warnings and milestones.

These views are also configurable. Columns may be dragged-and-dropped, added or removed. The data in the view can be filtered, sorted and grouped at the user’s preference, allowing them to customize the presentation of their decision support system. The user can also utilize a robust search function to zero in on the information they want.

One Stop Business Intelligence

As well as putting the information that decision makers want at their fingertips in their own workspace, TrackerSuite.Net also simplifies business intelligence reporting. Rather than gathering and consolidating data from across the organization in order to develop a meaningful picture of the it’s activities, status and health, decision makers can leverage TrackerSuite.Net to access real-time information whenever they need, and generate the business intelligence reports they want.

All TrackerSuite.Net modules push their data to a reporting engine, the Tracker Data Warehouse, which provides over 40 reports, including Budget vs. Actual, Project Time Pies, Activity Ledgers, Employee Capacity and more. This engine also integrates with legacy databases as well as Crystal Reports, providing comprehensive business intelligence in a single, online decision support system.

Users can configure the reports provided by the Tracker Data Warehouse however they need, with drag-and-drop fields, pivot tables and filters. Using this engine, decision makers can slice and dice information, run “What If” scenarios and more. They can save these reconfigured reports for later use, as well as utilize a report editor to create brand-new reports.

Time pie report in a decision support system provided by TrackerSuite.Net.

The Tracker Data Warehouse provides a wide array of reports, including Time Pie reports.