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Automating Business Processes

Automating business processes is important for organizations seeking to improve their agility and flexibility.

TrackerSuite.Net provides an organization with a single, integrated IT system for managing and automating core business processes including Project Management, Time and Expense Reporting, Purchasing, Invoicing, Help Desk, CRM, Personnel Management and Asset Management.

Using TrackerSuite.Net modules, organizations can improve operation efficiencies by providing users with easy to use Web based forms that they can access from any location. Users can even surface TrackerSuite.Net in the email client they use every day. For organizations still utilizing paper processes, the transition to online forms eliminates inefficiencies including lost or misfiled paperwork, and time spent in simply moving paper.

TrackerSuite.Net can also route these forms, which include time sheets, expense reports, purchase requests and more, through email. Designated approvers can review and sign-off on them without leaving their email client.

TrackerSuite.Net allows organizations to configure requirements and validation profiles for forms, such as requiring users to report a minimum amount of time each week on their time sheet, or assigning costs to account codes in a purchase request. This allows the business to control processes within a single system, rather than requiring managers across the organization to enforce them, making it easier for policy changes to be effected.

TrackerSuite.Net also leverages email to automate management functions as well as business processes, sending “Auto Nag” reminders for late time sheets and notifications of status report due dates, task and support ticket assignments, schedule changes and more.

Timesheet validation profile.

Validation profiles like this one in Time Tracker.Net allow organizations to better control the processes that drive their business by automatically enforcing rules and requirements.

Timesheet approval via email.

TrackerSuite.Net leverages email to automates business processes, including approval routing for timesheets, expense reports, purchase orders and project requests.