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Project and Resource Visibility

Project and resource visibility among departments is necessary for success. A lack of visibility of the priorities, schedules and workloads of other business units can create conflicts, hindering the agility and flexibility of the organization.

TrackerSuite.Net improves project and resource visibility among different groups by establishing a standard, quantitative scale for the priority of projects, providing views of project status and progress, and tools for reviewing the schedules and workloads of employees across the organization.

Using TrackerSuite.Net, projects can be given a priority score based on several factors, each with their own weight. These variables can be configured by the organization in accordance with their own objectives and business guidelines.

By establishing a common, understood scale for the priority of projects among departments, many of the conflicts that arise when initiatives find themselves competing for resources are forestalled.

TrackerSuite.Net also improves the visibility of project status, progress and costs. For example, a user could configure a Project Milestones dashboard, which they could publish as a Public View for use by other executives and managers. In addition, these views can be exported to Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, or even emailed as project newsletters.

As well as understanding the priority and status of projects, to be agile organizations must also have resource visibility as well. The organization should be able to easily review and track the workloads and schedules of their resources. TrackerSuite.Net provides reports, widgets and views that facilitate this. The Resource vs. Available widget provides an at-a-glance review of resource workloads over time

For more details, managers can utilize a Resource Availability view. This view pulls up the individual workloads of employees on a weekly or monthly basis, and can be filtered by department, manager, skills, project status and priority. For deeper resource visibility, users can drill down for more information by clicking the name of the resource, which will show all the assignments that user has within the time period and the amount of time assigned for them.

Milestone dashboards improve the visibility of project status and progress.

Milestones dashboards like this provide an overview of the status and progress of projects.

The Resource availability view provides excellent visibility of resource assignments and workloads

Resource availability views include the ability to drill down to specific resource assignments.