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Change Control Software Simplifies IT Management

A change control software solution provided by Automation Centre helped Samsonite to better manage the growth and development of its IT.

With a brand name synonymous with durability, it is no surprise that Samsonite has been in business for over a century. That longevity can be attributed to the quality of its products as well as its ability to adapt and move within its market.

In 2006, seeking a solution that would facilitate an ITIL initiative for change management, Samsonite licensed Tracker Suite from Automation Centre. As well as providing the functions they needed, Tracker Suite.Net leveraged the Lotus Notes / Domino messaging platform they already had in place throughout their international offices, allowing them to quickly and easily roll out the new solution.

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But four years later, the demands on their Lotus Notes platform began to take a toll. In 2010, Samsonite decided they needed a Web based solution that was faster and more flexible. With the rapid growth of Cloud solutions, there were many options available to them.

However, they decided their best course of action was to leverage a solution they were already familiar with. Automation Centre’s TrackerSuite.Net product, a 100% Web based sibling of Tracker Suite, offered all of the functions they were looking for, combined with the high-speed performance their international offices required. The modules they deployed included Project Tracker.Net, Support Tracker.Net, Time Tracker.Net, Asset Tracker.Net, Personnel Tracker.Net and the Tracker Data Warehouse.

These modules facilitated their change control efforts by integrating these project and service desk workflows. For example, change requests and ideas were submitted through the service desk as tickets, where they were automatically routed through a review cycle. Approved change requests could be converted to tasks or projects.

Even better, TrackerSuite.Net allowed them to leverage the experience of their  user base with Lotus Notes and Tracker Suite, a painless migration with rapid adoption and minimal training requirements. Users did not even have to leave the Lotus Notes workspace they were accustomed to, the new TrackerSuite.Net views and forms could be served within the Lotus Notes client itself.

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