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Cloud Help Desk System

A Cloud help desk system offers organizations the opportunity to instantly empower and automate their core IT operations, with zero impact on their infrastructure. TrackerSuite.Net offers a support service system, Support Tracker.Net, which is available both as licensed application as well as a SasS help desk solution.

A Cloud help desk dashboard.

A Help Desk Dashboard in Support Tracker.Net

Benefits of Cloud Help Desk Systems

Organization are turning to Web based support systems for reasons including:

  • They see a rapid ROI with an up-and-running IT solution, without the delays typically incurred by the installation and configuration of an on-premise system.
  • They avoid creating another layer within their IT infrastructure that will require maintenance.
  • SaaS services can scale more easily to the organization as it matures.
  • By leveraging different SaaS services, organizations can develop full IT automation suites for managing not only help desk services, but also projects, assets and more.

Support Tracker.Net Advantages as a SaaS Help Desk

TrackerSuite.Net modules as available both as licensed applications and as SaaS (for organizations installing TrackerSuite.Net within their own infrastructure, source code is included with license). For organizations seeking a Cloud based help desk system, Support Tracker.Net offers several compelling advantages:

  • Support Tracker.Net provides users with easy to fill out support tickets, as well as "formless" issue reporting:
    • If an issue is reported via Microsoft Outlook, the user can drag that email into the Support Tracker.Net folder to automatically create a ticket.
    • Email accounts may be configured that automatically convert incoming emails into tickets and route them appropriately.
  • Colorful help desk dashboards that IT managers can configure for their individual preferences, that put them a click away from ticket data, performance and status metrics.
  • Support Tracker.Net maps easily to the organization's support service matrix. Using category, request type and priority profiles, organizations can direct the automatic routing and escalation of tickets.

An IT Automation Solution

For organizations seeking a Cloud help desk as part of a larger IT automation strategy, TrackerSuite.Net also offers modules for online project management, time reporting, asset management and more. These modules integrate with each other, providing unique workflow opportunities, including:

  • Converting help desk tickets into projects or tasks.
  • Charging time spent on tickets to timesheets when updating the status of a ticket.
  • Attaching tickets to profiled assets.

For More Information

For more information on how TrackerSuite.Net can provide a Cloud help desk solution for your organization's IT needs, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email A free demo of TrackerSuite.Net is available, register today for immediate access.

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