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A CRM Help Desk Solution

A CRM help desk for organizations seeking to improve their customer relationships, TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated modules for CRM and support services.

Client support services are an inherent part of the CRM process. However, there are difficulties in bridging the gaps between the client, the account representatives that own the relationship and the IT group responsible for supporting that client. These gaps hinder effective communication, producing issues including:

  • Customer difficulties in submitting support requests when issues arise.
  • The ability of account representatives to track customer issues.
  • The compliance of the IT group with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) established with the customer.
  • The ability of the account representatives and support services to measure help desk performance and validate work to the customer.
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TrackerSuite.Net, a Web based application suite, provides solutions for Web based CRM and Web help desk services, Customer Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net, respectively, that integrate to provide organizations the combined CRM Help Desk solution they are seeking.

Using Customer Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net, organizations can utilize:

  • An online customer database with contact and company information, as well as the client's contracts, correspondence, project and support ticket information, all in one location.
  • Customer Tracker.Net also provides comprehensive activity scheduling and management features, including tickler lists.
  • Each customer can be assigned a Technical manager who is responsible for driving the resolution of all customer IT issues.
  • A configurable support matrix based on categories, request types and priorities. Support Tracker.Net also provides functions for ticket escalation.
  • Using Support Tracker.Net, help desk tickets can be submitted via Web form. Organizations can also configure email addresses that convert received emails into support tickets and automatically route them through the support process. This providing a simple venue for customer support requests, allowing the IT service department to simply create an email address dedicated to a particular customer.
  • Support Tracker.Net and Customer Tracker.Net also integrate with an online project management system, Project Tracker.Net. If a customer submits a support ticket related to an ongoing project, that support ticket can be converted into a project task.

As well as simplifying and integrating CRM and help desk workflows, TrackerSuite.Net also provides a powerful, Web based reporting engine, the Tracker Data Warehouse, which organizations can utilize to generate reports on support service performance and results, providing clients with measurements of their service to customers and establishing the value of that service.

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Customer support tickets.

Online Customer Files Linked to Support Tickets and Projects

Support category

Configurable Support Matrix by Category, Request Type and Priority

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Automated Email Notifications of Ticket Status Changes and Completions