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Defense Contracting and DCAA Compliance

Defense contracting is simplified with TrackerSuite.Net, which facilitates DCAA compliance for defense contracting through improved project cost accounting and facilitating compliance with the timekeeping polices recommended the Defense Contract Audit Agency.

TrackerSuite.Net is an integrated suite of Web based applications that provide a single solution for defense contract projects. These solutions simplify compliance with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) standards, as well as automating and streamlining the processes of project management, time and billing, purchasing and more. In this manner, TrackerSuite.Net applications facilitate the success of projects and improve efficiencies throughout the organization.

TT he following aspects of defense contracting are simplified by TrackerSuite.Net for compliance with DCAA standards.

Project Cost Accounting

Using TrackerSuite.Net, organizations can identify and track labor and expenditures by account codes, which defense contractors can leverage to easily segregate direct and indirect costs. TrackerSuite.Net also provides tools for the management and monitoring of resources and labor schedules, variance tracking and forecasting costs to complete.

DCAA Timekeeping Compliance

TrackerSuite.Net provides tools and reports that help organizations comply with the DCAA timekeeping policy recommendations, including enforcement of reporting standards, automating management functions and improving the visibility of compliance practice.

Timesheet compliance reports

Managers and administrators can easily review employee compliance with time reporting policies

Project planning report

Tracking Project Costs and Variance