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Electronic Expense Reporting

An electronic expense reporting system Transform your organization's email platform into an electronic expense reporting system.

Expense Tracker.Net leverages your organization's email platform to simplify and streamline the expense reporting process from start to finish, from the creation of an expense report to its final processing. Expense Tracker.Net provides support for multiple currencies, making it an ideal solution for organizations with international offices or a global workforce. Expense Tracker.Net also provides views and tools that simplify and automate the work of administrators.

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Creating Electronic Expense Reports

  • Users can participate in electronic expense reporting from any location, whether they are in the office or working remotely, within their email client or over the Web.
  • Using a InBox / OutBox interface, users can easily manage their unsubmitted electronic expense reports, track the status of their submitted reports, and review their previously submitted reports.
  • When filling out expense reports, users can choose from projects, account codes (Airfare, Lodging, etc.), payment options (VISA, AMEX, Cash, etc.) and even currency (Expense Tracker.Net offers both domestic and international expense forms).

Approval and Processing of Electronic Expense Reports

  • Expense reports are routed automatically through the approval process. In this electronic expense reporting system, submitted reports can be delivered via email to designated approvers, who can click a link to approve it.
  • An activity log records every step of the expense report's lifecycle, with dates and electronic signatures that establish a trail of responsibility.
  • TrackerSuite.Net is capable of integrating with popular accounting systems, including Great Plains (with services) and QuickBooks.
An electronic expense reporting system with email integration.

Expense Reporting via Email or the Web

Expense report emailed for approval

Automated Approval Routing through Email

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