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Employee Vacation Tracking and Time Off Calendar

Personnel Tracker.Net simplifies employee vacation tracking from start to finish, from the initial request through approval, as well as providing tools such as Time Off calendars and leave accrual functions.

Personnel Tracker.Net allows employees to review their available leave and submit vacation requests that are automatically routed through the approval process. It also provides tools that simplify vacation tracking, including color coded Time Off calendars that show vacation requests, and tools for reviewing and managing the leave accrual rates for employees.

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Easy To Use Vacation Request Forms

From their browser or within their email client, employees can create and submit Web based vacation request forms. These forms display how much leave the employee has available. Using pick-list fields, the user can easily set the dates for the leave, as well as what category it falls under. Personnel Tracker.Net supports multiple leave types including General Leave, Vacation and Sick Leave, as well as configurable sub-types (such as "Jury Duty", "Military Leave" or "Maternity Leave").

Automating Employee Vacation Approvals

Once the vacation request form is submitted, it is automatically routed to the designated approver (or if the designated approver is unavailable, a proxy approver). Personnel Tracker.Net can be configured to deliver these vacation request forms via email, allowing the approver to simply click a link in the email to approve the request. Personnel Tracker.Net also supports approval messaging to mobile devices, including Blackberry smartphones.

Employee Vacation Calendars Simplify Tracking

Employee vacation requests can be viewed in a Time Off calendar , color coded by status, whether they are approved, disapproved or awaiting approval, as well as holidays recognized by the organization. These calendars can be filtered by department, manager or supervisor.

As well as viewing employee vacations in a calendar, Personnel Tracker.Net also offers list views as well.

Managing Employee Leave Accrual

Within the "Leave" tab of the employee file, managers can set the accrual rate as well as allowed carryover for leave categories including Vacation, Sick and General. This tab also records the history of changes to the employee's leave accrual.

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A vacation request form.

Easy to Use Vacation Request Forms

An employee time off calendar

Color Coded Employee Time Off Calendar

Send vacation approval requests through email

Automate Vacation Approvals with Email


Simplify Leave Accrual Management