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Engineering Project Management Software

TrackerSuite.Net provides tools and functions that simplify the management of engineering projects.

TrackerSuite.Net is a Web based project management system that facilitates the planning, development and execution of engineering projects. TrackerSuite.Net provides a structured project management environment that simplifies communication and information access, automates management and provides the mile-high views of project progress, issues, costs and earned value that organizations need to make their engineering projects a success. TrackerSuite.Net offers bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project.

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The rich work environment and tools that TrackerSuite.Net provides for engineering project management include:

  • TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated solutions for online project management, Web based timesheets and purchase order forms, and more. These applications communicate together, allowing organizations to not only streamline and secure processes such as time reporting and purchasing, but improve the accuracy of their accounting against projects and cost codes.
  • It provides a central, online location for engineering project files, documents, tasks, reports, team member lists and more. Engineering project data can be accessed from any location, via a Web browser or even within an email client.
    • Documents and files are secured with versioning and check-in / check-out functions that prevent the inadvertent introduction of errors to stored materials.
  • Engineering projects typically leverage the Waterfall project management methodology, utilizing a sequential development process, in which progress is viewed as moving downward in steps, like a waterfall. TrackerSuite.Net supports the execution of this methodology in engineering projects in several ways.
    • Projects are defined within a Work Breakdown Structure, where milestones can be used to mark every edge of the waterfall.
    • The WBS provided by TrackerSuite.Net supports task linking and indenting.
    • Utilizing color coded milestone dashboards, engineering project managers can quickly review the progress of projects.
  • TrackerSuite.Net provides views of resource availability, with the ability to drill down on individual resources to view workloads.
    • Managers can also utilize views including task calendars and lists to monitor project activity and the workloads of their resources.
  • TrackerSuite.Net provides tools and functions for risk and issue management and tracking. Risks such as schedule and cost overruns can be quantitatively forecast and plans for mitigating these risks can be set in place.
  • TrackerSuite.Net supports typical engineering project management routines, such as status reporting, with automated email reminders that encourage timely reporting, with links that put recipients one click away from their responsibility.

As well as tracking the earned value of engineering projects, TrackerSuite.Net also offers other opportunities through its tight integration of projects, time and expense and purchasing. For software engineering projects, TrackerSuite.Net can be leveraged for compliance with SOP 98-1 guidelines. For engineering projects that incorporate phases of research and development, TrackerSuite.Net can be utilized for the capture of R&D tax credits.

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