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Enterprise Workforce Efficiency

Enterprise workforce efficiency, improved with TrackerSuite.Net, helps organizations to rebalance project and service portfolios and track resource workloads.

The 2009 CIO Agenda by Gartner placed “improving enterprise workforce effectiveness” at number three in its list of the top ten business priorities for CIO (preceded by business process improvement and reducing enterprise costs).

There are several components to workforce effectiveness, including skill training, employee hiring and retention, responsibilities and role management. The primary element, however, is simply managing the workload of employees.

Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, a Web based suite of integrated business applications, organizations can ease the workload of their employees through simplifying and automating workflow, and the effective allocation of resources to prevent project and support service overloads.

Simplifying and Automating Workflow

TrackerSuite.Net simplifies the work experience of users in two ways.

Improving Resource Allocation

TrackerSuite.Net simplifies resource availability analysis, with views of weekly or monthly workloads across the organization, that can be filtered by business unit, manager, and position. Managers can also drill down on a specific resource to see that individual’s workload.

Using these tools, managers can more easily identify overloaded resources and shift the workload to improve the effectiveness of the workforce, as well as ensure that resources are given time for skill building activities and training, increasing their value within the organization as well as reducing burnout.


TrackerSuite.Net helps organizations improve the efficiencies of their workforce by empowering employees, automating routine processes, and providing executives and managers the tools they need to track and allocate resources effectively, and cultivate employee value.

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