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An Excel Time Tracking Alternative

Microsoft Excel Timesheet Alternative
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An Excel time tracking alternative, Time Tracker.Net offers Web timesheets that integrate with Project and HR databases, simplifying the charging of time against tasks as well as the calculation of vacation and leave usage.

For organizations seeking to move past using Excel timesheets for time tracking, TrackerSuite.Net offers a 100% Web based system, Time Tracker.Net, that simplifies, streamlines and secures the entire process, even offering on-the-go workflow approval.  Managers can review and approve submitted timesheets from their BlackBerry, iPhone or other email-enabled mobile devices.

Improving Data Consistency

Through its integration with Project Tracker.Net, Support Tracker.Net and Personnel Tracker.Net, users charge time against specific project, task support ticket and leave codes via picklists, simplifying timesheet creation as well as eliminating potential inconsistencies in reporting that hinder accurate accounting.

Time Tracker.Net Advantages

  • Instead of filling out an Excel timesheet, users can create and submit Web timesheets from any location, via their browser or even within their email client. Time Tracker.Net supports multiple formats, including Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Semi-Monthly.
  • As well as charging time against project tasks and support tickets, users can also charge time to their accrued vacation and leave. Time allotted for approved leave requests, as well as designated company holidays, is automatically populated in the timesheet.
  • A "Last Saved Timesheet" button allows users to create a new timesheet based on the previous one, simplifying reporting of routine tasks. Users can also click a "Load from Resource Plan" button to load their planned activities for the period into their timesheet.
  • While updating the status of tasks or support tickets, users can simultaneously charge time for their work.
  • Submitted timesheets are automatically routed through the approval process, with electronic signatures and time/date stamping creating an audit trail for every item.
  • Using Excel timesheets, a user typically emails it to their approver as an attachment, who has to open the file for review. Time Tracker.Net can be configured to embed submitted timesheets in email and route them on submission to designated reviewers, who can click a link in the email to approve or disapprove it.
  • Administrators can leverage views of time reporting compliance and timesheet dashboards for at-a-glance review and approval of multiple timesheets in the system. From these views administrators and managers can quickly drill down into individual timesheets to review when work started and how much time has been charged.
  • Time Tracker.Net automates management of the time reporting process with Auto Nag emails that encourage timely reporting.
  • Timesheets can easily be archived electronically.
  • Tasks in Project Tracker.Net can be assigned account codes, for example, classifying labor as capital or as research and development, simplifying initiatives for SOP 98-1.

For More Information

For more information on how Time Tracker.Net is an excellent alternative to Excel timesheets, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email A free demo of TrackerSuite.Net is available, register today for immediate access.

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