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Google Project Management

Google project management applications are in growing demand as organizations realize the benefits of integrating their communication system with a workflow engine.

It’s a strategy that Automation Centre has embraced since its start, developing groupware project management systems for both Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.

The same holds true today.  TrackerSuite.Net, a 100% Web based workflow software suite offered by Automation Centre, integrates with leading email platforms, including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Gmail.

TrackerSuite.Net includes integrated modules for project management, time and expense reporting, purchasing, resource management, CRM, help desk services, asset management and more. The integrated nature of these applications provide powerful and unique workflow opportunities, ranging from auto-populating timesheets with the assigned tasks of employees, to converting support tasks into new tasks.

By leveraging email, including the Google Gmail messaging service, TrackerSuite.Net empowers project management workflow even further. For example:

  • Organizations can utilize Google Gmail as part of a project request approval process. TrackerSuite.Net provides a project request function that leverages email, sending a copy of thr proposed project, its description, scope, key dates, team members and budget via email to designated approvers who can review and approve the project.
  • Likewise, project timesheets and expense reports can also be embedded in emails, allowing managers to review and approve these items within their Google Gmail client.  Likewise, project status reports can also be distributed through Google Gmail to team members, sponsors and stakeholders.
  • “Auto Nag” email reminders are delivered to project team members who are late submitting their timesheets.  Notifications of status report due dates are automatically emailed as well.
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