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Google Purchase Orders

Google purchase orders, utilizing Purchase Tracker.Net and Gmail, allow organizations to simplify, streamline and secure their purchase to pay process.

Purchase Tracker.Net is a Web based purchase tracking system that can integrate with email systems, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Gmail. The integration of this purchase order module with email helps organizations to streamline and secure their purchase to pay process.

Purchase Order Creation, Simplified

Using Purchase Tracker.Net, users can quickly fill out Web based purchase order forms.

  • Picklist selection of projects, cost centers and vendors.
  • A General Ledger at the bottom of the form allows users to easily charge totals against account codes.

Secure Purchasing with Gmail

Once submitted, the purchase order is automatically routed for approval. Purchase Tracker.Net supports unlimited approval workflow, based on spending totals and departmental rules. In case a designated approver is absent, Purchase Tracker.Net supports proxy approvers, eliminating potential delays in procurement due to absences. Before approving the purchase request, the reviewer can check the financial status of a project by clicking the "Budget" link in the General Ledger section of the form, which opens a Cost Report by Account Code.

Managers using Google Gmail can receive email copies of the purchase order, Purchase Tracker.Net can be configured to send the submitted purchase order to the designated approver via email, for swift review, which can be approved with the click of a link.

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Web Purchase Orders that Integrate with Email

Gmail purchase order approval.

Purchase Request Approval through Gmail