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Great Plains Accounts Payable System

A Great Plains accounts payable system that leverages Web based modules for Purchasing, Check Requests and Expense Reporting.

TrackerSuite.Net is an integrated suite of Web based modules for Purchasing, Check Requests and Expense Reporting. TrackerSuite.Net integrates with accounting systems, including Great Plains, allowing organizations to fully automate their accounts payable process.

Key Advantages

The advantages of using TrackerSuite.Net to automate Accounts Payable through Great Plains include:

  • Eliminate Paper - By moving to electronic forms for purchase orders, expense reports and check requests, organizations can eliminate the frustrations inherent to paper based processes: disruptions due to missing or ms-filed paperwork, time and delays lost in handling, and archiving requirements. TrackerSuite.Net forms are highly configurable, with codeless form editing to create and rename fields.
  • Automate Workflow - Using TrackerSuite.Net, purchase orders, expense reports and check requests are automatically routed through the approval process. TrackerSuite.Net supports multiple approval workflows, based on department rules and amounts. TrackerSuite.Net integrates with email systems including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail, and can be configured to send copies of submitted items via email for review and approval inside of email.
  • Improving Accounting Accuracy - TrackerSuite.Net facilitates accounting by allowing organizations to tie expenditures to specific account codes. For example, purchase order forms include a General Ledger area for assigning amounts to account codes. Expense report forms automatically assign account codes by line item, based on the expense type (Meals, Air Fare, Rental, etc) selected by the user creating the report.
  • Security - As well as automated approval routing that ensures all forms are properly reviewed and authorized, these forms also include electronic signatures that establish a trail of responsibility for every item.
  • Improved Business Intelligence - TrackerSuite.Net provides dashboard views for purchasing, check requests and expense reports that provides administrators a global displays of the totals and status of all payable items. The Tracker Data Warehouse provides an array of real-time AP reports, including Purchase Orders vs. Payments, Purchase Lists and Summaries. An Accounting Details report is also available, providing a comprehensive listing of purchases which can be broken down by Project, Task, Vendor, Requestor or General Ledger Account Code. In conjunction with the reporting functions of Great Plains, organizations can enjoy a wealth of tracking ability and reports for managing their Accounts Payable process.


TrackerSuite.Net offers organizations the opportunity to establish a fully automated Accounts Payable system with their Great Plains accounting system, using modular TrackerSuite.Net applications for Purchasing, Check Requests and Expense Reporting.


Watch a Demonstration of Purchasing with TrackerSuite.Net

Watch a Demonstration of Expense Reporting with TrackerSuite.Net