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Health Care IT Governance

Health care IT governance is increasingly sought by health care organizations to better track, measure and control their organizational IT routines and initiatives, in order to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, minimize risks and provide a decision support system for effective leadership.

Under an IT Governance initiative, all IT service work, including projects, service requests, maintenance and incident management, are encompassed within a single management system in order to better align IT with organizational initiatives and develop critical business intelligence for decisions which impact the IT infrastructure of the organization.

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Components of Health Care IT Governance

TrackerSuite.Net provides health care organizations with integrated solutions for the operational processes that IT Governance encompasses.

  • Tracking IT Work: TrackerSuite.Net includes two applications for managing the work of IT in projects and help desk services. These applications, Project Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net, help IT define and track the work they do in the form of projects, tasks and support tickets. These applications integrate with each other, allowing support tickets to be converted into a project or task. The ability to assign account codes to tasks also allows IT departments to utilize TrackerSuite.Net for the capitalization of software projects.
  • Time Reporting: Time Tracker.Net allows users to submit Web timesheets from any location. Users can charge time against projects, tasks and support tickets in TrackerSuite.Net, providing a better read on how resources are being utilized. These timesheets are automatically routed through the approval process, with electronic signatures.
  • Effective Resource Management: Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, managers can easily review resource allocation and availability, and shift resources according to need and work priority.
  • Centralized Knowledge Management: TrackerSuite.Net serves as a centralized data store, with document management features including versioning and check-in/check-out functions, allowing project teams to collaborate effectively.
  • Business Intelligence and Portfolio Management: TrackerSuite.Net provides dashboards for tracking project portfolios and earned value, as well as a wide array of reports through the Tracker Data Warehouse.
  • Financial Management: TrackerSuite.Net offers applications for establishing the control and tracking of health care IT related purchases and expenses. These applications, Purchase Tracker.Net and Expense Tracker.Net, allow users to tie purchases and expenses directly to projects, with account codes specifying their nature, such as capital vs. non-capital.


Color coded health care project portfolio

Track project portfolios

Support ticket dashboard

Support ticket dashboards

Web timesheet for health care project and support services work

Simplify time reporting for projects and support services