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Health Care Project Management

Health care project management solutions utilizing TrackerSuite.Net help health care organizations deliver their initiatives on-time and on-budget.

Project Tracker.Net is a Web based project management system that users can access via browser or surface within their Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or Lotus Notes email client.

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Project Tracker.Net offers health care organizations a central, accessible location for managing projects, as well as tracking project portfolios and earned value. It simplifies and automates project workflows, and provides tools for organizational and individual planning, scheduling, on-line documentation and process implementation.

  1. New projects can be defined and submitted through an approval workflow based on project type and budget.
  2. Project work is scheduled utilizing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and milestones. Projects can also be imported from Microsoft Project.
  3. Review resource availability and assemble a project team, and assign tasks.
  4. Set up individual project websites, allowing project teams to effectively collaborate on projects online from any location via the Web. Project Tracker.Net supports localization of projects, including dates and numbers. These project websites provide a central location for tasks, project documents (protected with version control and check-in/check-out features) and status reports.
  5. Track progress with reports including milestone grids and Gantt charts.

Integration with other TrackerSuite.Net Modules

Project Tracker.Net integrates with other TrackerSuite.Net modules, including applications for time and expense reporting, purchasing, support services, and reporting. The integrated nature of TrackerSuite.Net applications over key organizational drivers lends itself well as a IT governance solution for health care organizations.

Color coded EVM report

Configurable project desktops put users a click away from project data, tasks, documents and reports

Color coded EVM report

Assemble project tasks in a Work Breakdown Structure with linking and indenting