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Health Care IT Management

Health care IT management, through the project tracking and reporting capabilities of TrackerSuite.Net, make it an ideal IT management system for health care organizations.

Increasingly, health care organizations are turning to IT to lower costs through improved efficiencies and workload reduction, and to improve the quality of services provided. One research group, Global Industry Analysts, forecasts that by 2015, the market for electronic medical record (also known as electronic health records, or EHR) systems will exceed $5.4 billion in North America, and $1.4 billion in Europe2.

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However, health care organizations face obstacles in implementing and managing IT solutions that business-sector organizations do not, including a wider stakeholder base that encompasses not only the organization itself and its customers/patients, but also insurers and manufacturers of health care products, including devices and medicine. Health care IT implementations also have obligations including interoperability standards, terminologies and compliance with legal requirements.

Simplifying Health Care IT with TrackerSuite.Net

TrackerSuite.Net is a suite of integrated, Web based applications that simplify, automate and improve the processes involved in project and IT management. For health care organizations seeking a solution for managing their IT projects and operations, TrackerSuite.Net offers the following benefits:

  • Tools for the approval and management of health care IT projects, including functions for resource allocation, work breakdown structures, project budgeting, and automating project communication.
  • The ability to manage project portfolios and track earned value. Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, health care organizations can not only review the status of their project portfolio, but review the value of individual projects and align resources and budgets for the greatest organizational benefit.
  • The integrated nature of TrackerSuite.Net applications allows organizations to ultimately establishing IT governance within their organization.
Color coded EVM report

Using TrackerSuite.Net, health care organizations can review their IT project portfolios with Earned Value measurements.

"HIT [Health Information Technology] has the potential to enable a dramatic transformation in the delivery of health care, making it safer, more effective, and more efficient."
- Southern California Evidence Based Practice Center2


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