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A Help Desk Ticketing System

The help desk ticketing system provided by Support Tracker.Net simplifies and streamlines ticket creation, routing, management and tracking.

Support Tracker.Net, a Web based help desk ticketing system, allows users to access a help desk portal through either their browser or their preferred email client. Support Tracker.Net simplifies, streamlines and automates support services from start to finish.

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Simplified Reporting

Support Tracker.Net simplifies the creation of help desk tickets, allowing users to report issues via a Web form or by simply submitting an email to a designated address.

Using a Web form and picklists, users can quickly and easily create a help desk ticket for the issue they are experiencing. This picklist fields include:

  • The category of the issue, for example, an internal service issue or a customer service issue. Support Tracker.Net provides multiple category levels, allowing organizations to map Support Tracker.Net to their own help desk matrix.
  • The request type of the issue, for example, a software bug, hardware issue, backup request or network problem.
  • The priority of the issue. One of the typical hurdles many support service department face in satisfying internal and/or external customers, is the ability to prioritize work, which at times leads to low-impact issues being addressed before those of greater importance. The priority picklist provided by Support Tracker.Net allows users to indicate whether the issue they are reporting requires immediate attention, or is something that can be addressed as time is available.

After using these picklists, the user then adds a description of the issue they are experiencing, and can attach materials such as screenshots to the help desk ticket. Once the ticket is submitted, it is automatically routed based on its category, request type and priority based on the configuration of Support Tracker.Net.

Users can also submit tickets as emails, sent to a designated address configured within Support Tracker.Net for that purpose. Emails received at this address are converted into tickets and automatically routed.

In addition, if an issue is reported via email to a non-designated address, if the recipient of the email is using Microsoft Outlook, the email can be dragged into a Support Tracker.Net folder where it will automatically be converted into a support ticket.

Automated Management

Once submitted, the support ticket is routed through the system, and a notification email is automatically generated and sent to the assignee with a link that puts that person a click away from his or her responsibility.

Tickets can move vertically or horizontally within the system. Critical issues can be escalated as needed for immediate attention, while issues determined to be non-critical can be deferred as needed.

A help desk ticket

Easy to Use Help Desk Ticket Forms

A help desk ticket

Help Desk Dashboards

Tracking Support Issues

Support Tracker.Net provides an array of views of tickets in the system which can be sorted as well as searched. Managers can administrators can easily track the status of tickets using color-coded dashboard views that show all open tickets in the system. Other views that administrators can leverage include views of:

  • Escalated tickets.
  • Closed tickets.
  • Deferred tickets.
  • All tickets.

As well as these views, TrackerSuite.Net also provides a Web based reporting engine, the Tracker Data Warehouse, that allows organizations to generate reports on the performance of their support services, including Open/Closed/Escalated Tickets, Ticket Pies, Help Desk Trends and more.