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Corporate Intranet Software

Corporate intranet software seeking organizations can utilize TrackerSuite.Net can as an 'Intranet In a Box' solution.

TrackerSuite.Net offers organizations a powerful, easily deployed corporate Intranet software solution that improves workflow, simplifies communication and empowers users and managers alike.

Users can access their corporate Intranet through Microsoft Internet Explorer. TrackerSuite.Net simplifies the user experience with a role-based UI which provides general users access to the tools and data they need, while offering managers greater access to data and administration functions.

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TrackerSuite.Net Advantages

  • 100% Web based with extremely fast, highly scalable applications.
  • Source code included in licensing.
  • Modular structure allows organizations to select the applications they need to assemble the solution they want.

TrackerSuite.Net features:

An Intranet Integrated with Email

TrackerSuite.Net integrates with major email platforms such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, as well as Web based email services such as Gmail, combining Intranet collaboration with email communication. This integration provides functions including:

  • Automated reminders for late status reports and timesheets.
  • Submitted timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders can be configured to be delivered directly to the approver via email, who can review and approve the form within the email.
Project home page

An Intranet Portal to Projects

Web purchase order.

An Intranet Portal for Purchasing

Employee file

An Intranet Portal for HR

Corporate Intranet Software Features

"Intranet in a Box" Simplicity

  • Users can access TrackerSuite.Net through Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Role based access to data and tools
  • Integrates with email platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Web based email services including Yahoo.