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Consolidate Your IT Operations with TrackerSuite.Net

TrackerSuite.Net provides integrated software modules for Project Management, Time Reporting, Purchasing, Support Services and Asset Management. These applications provide organizations powerful functions and unique workflow capabilities that can dramatically improve the efficiency of their IT operations.

Managing IT with Multiple Systems

Many organizations manage IT with multiple systems, sometimes a mixture of applications, email, spreadsheets and even paper documents. The disparate nature of these systems creates difficulties when processes intertwine, such as when reports need to be generated on IT project related purchases, or support requests related to assets.

TrackerSuite.Net offers integrated software applications that empower IT project and support teams, facilitate operations, and provide unique workflow opportunities that organizations can leverage to increase their productivity and efficiencies. These applications include:

TrackerSuite.Net Simplifies IT processes including:

Charging Time against Projects and Tickets

In their timesheet, users can quickly select tasks and support tickets to charge time against using pick-lists. They can also charge time when they are entering a status note for a task or ticket.

Integrating Support and Project Workflows

Using TrackerSuite.Net, support tickets may be converted into project tasks, a useful feature in software development projects, where support issues can be identified as potential product features. In this situation, the ticket with all its data and materials can be converted into a ticket with a click.

Tying Purchases to IT Projects

In submitting a purchase request, the user must select a designated project or cost center to charge the purchase against, in a General Ledger area on the form, ensuring that all purchases related to IT operations are accounted for.

Tying Assets to Support Tickets

If a user is experiencing an issue with an asset profiled in Asset Tracker.Net, if a support ticket is submitted it can be tied to that asset, becoming a part of that assetís history. This integration can help identify potential issues. For example, support requests for a server that repeatedly crashes may indicate a deeper problem with the machine as opposed to a bug or software conflict.

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