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IT operations software from Automation Centre facilitates information technology services and processes for internal and external customers.

While every organization has its own way of executing IT processes, and their services may vary in range, there are several common operational denominators, including Projects, Help Desks and Asset Management. As well as these processes, the subject of IT Operations also includes the definition of policies (such as SLAs), roles and responsibilities, best practices and standards.

TrackerSuite.Net provides a 100% Web based suite of integrated applications for Project Management, Help Desk Services, Asset Management and more. The integration of these applications facilitates the management of IT Operations, streaming and automating processes, as well as offering unique workflow opportunities through its integration with email systems including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Gmail.

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Automating IT Projects

For organizations seeking to improve the project portion of their IT Operations, including planning, management, development, implementation and management of IT initiatives.

  • Map projects out using a highly flexible Work Breakdown structure that supports tasks, sub tasks and linking.
  • Successful projects can be copied into new projects, simplifying planning and helping organizations to repeat their success.
  • Improve project budget tracking. Separate capital vs. non-capital portions of the budget, and track variance between budget baselines, committed and actual.
  • Set project milestones and track progress against them.
  • Automated reminders for status reports ensure IT managers report on the status of their projects, their progress and health, in a timely fashion.

Simplifying Help Desk Services

As well as projects, help desk services for internal and external customers are a cornerstone of IT Operations software solutions. TrackerSuite.Net facilitates the help desk process from the creation of support tickets to compliance with Service Level Agreements.

  • Users can submit support tickets from any location via a Web form, using drop-down fields to easily fill out the support ticket. IT departments can also set up email addresses that convert received messages into tickets.
  • Submitted tickets are automatically routed based on priority, category and request type, facilitating compliance with Service Level Agreements.
  • Help desk dashboards, reports and widgets simplify the review of help desk performance and ticket workloads.

Asset Management Simplified

With the growing reliance on software and smart devices, and the security concerns they entail, such as unapproved software installations opening a network to malware infections, or terminated employees leaving with uncollected data or security assets (BlackBerry devices with company data, access codes or online accounts), asset management software is gaining prominence in IT Operations. TrackerSuite.Net provides a robust asset management solution that simplifies the tracking, cataloging and management of material and intangible assets.

  • TrackerSuite.Net offers a "Survey" function that automates the collection of information about hardware and software in use across the organization.
  • Asset Tracker.Net features provisioning lists that simplify employee roll-on, as well as termination checklists that ensure assets, including keys, PDAs and Blackberries, system accounts and codes, are all collected when employees leave the company.

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