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IT Process Management

IT process management is simplified with integrated, Web based applications for support services, asset management, IT projects and more.

TrackerSuite.Net is an integrated suite of Web based business applications that simplify and automate core business routines. TrackerSuite.Net includes applications for online project management, Web based help desk services, asset management and more.

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In addition, the integrated nature of these applications provides organizations with unique, unmatched workflow opportunities for increasing efficiencies, capitalizing automation and improving visibility.

Automating Help Desk Services

Support Tracker.Net provides users with an accessible help desk system that not only simplifies support ticket creation and submission, but also automates compliance with Service Level Agreements. Support Tracker.Net features include:

  • Users can submit help desk tickets from any location, via the Web or even within their own email client.
  • Submitted tickets are routed based on category, request type and priority. Support Tracker.Net offers a configurable support matrix that can map to other systems.
  • Support Tracker.Net provides functions for ticket escalation, deferral and more.
  • Support Tracker.Net provides color coded dashboards that IT managers can use to track the performance of their support processes.
  • Deferred support tickets may be converted into IT projects or tasks.

Simplifying Asset Management

Asset Tracker.Net simplifies the asset management, particularly in regards to the security of data and systems, with features including:

  • Using provisioning lists, organizations can simplify the process of setting new employees up with IT related assets such as computers and system accounts, as well as ensure the collection of these items when the employee leaves the organization by utilizing termination checklists.
  • A survey function that assembles an organization-wide, catalog of assets. Delivered via email, the survey automatically detects the system specifications of the recipient's computer (including processor, installed RAM and operating system) as well as all installed applications.

Streamlining IT Projects

Project Tracker.Net simplifies IT projects from beginning to end. Project Tracker.Net features include:

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Project Tracker.Net, Support Tracker.Net and Asset Tracker.Net are only a few of the applications available in TrackerSuite.Net. Other TrackerSuite.Net applications include:

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Automation Centre is also pleased to offer a free demo of TrackerSuite.Net, which includes its applications for project management, time and expense reporting, purchasing, payment requests, personnel management, support services and more. Interested parties may register for immediate access to an evaluation site to make a hands-on evaluation of TrackerSuite.Net for their needs.

Easy to fill out support tickets

Easy to Use Support Ticket Forms

Color coded ticket dashboards

Track Help Desk Performance with Support Ticket Dashboards

Automated IT asset surveys

Simplify Asset Cataloging with Automated Surveys

Track Project Portfolio Status, Costs and Progress