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IT Project Risk Management

Using TrackerSuite.Net, organizations can identify, track and prepare for the risks and issues their IT projects face.

IT projects face many forms of risks, typically in terms of resource availability, budget reductions, and schedule changes, as well as for factors inherent to IT projects, such as infrastructure failings (including server outages, application bugs, or the failure of techologies to integrate productively).

Sometimes these risks are the cause of uncontrollable, external factors. In comparing studies of project success and failure rates from 2006 and 2009, the Standish Group noted a 3% decrease in project success rates and a 5% increase in failure rates. The chief cause was identified as the economic downturn triggering a more aggressive cancellation policy for at-risk projects. Other possible causes related to the downturn include changes in resource availability due to downsizing, as well as a budget reductions as organizations tightened their fiscal belts.

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However, what separates a successful project from a failed venture is the ability of the team executing the project to forecast and prepare for the risks facing their endeavours. With preparation, even external factors beyond the immediate control of the team can be mitigated or adapted to.

TrackerSuite.Net provides a robust, online project management environment that facilitates the successful execution of projects, and offers organizations a powerful tool for mitigating risks, not only through providing tools for the identification, tracking and planning for risks and issues, but also by providing a structured and highly collaborative work environment that simplifies workflow and improves the communication of teams.

The flexible nature of Project Tracker.Net allows it to adapt readily to an agile project management methodology, which in itself addresses typical risks facing IT projects, such as changing resource pools, schedule and scope changes.

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Using TrackerSuite.Net, project teams can identify, quantify and plan for risks facing their IT projects


TrackerSuite.Net also offers a dashboard view executives can leverage to review the risks facing their IT project portfolios