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Improving IT Reliability and Efficiency

Improving IT reliability and efficiency is simple with TrackerSuite.Net, which provides integrated solutions for managing IT projects, support services, assets and resources.

TrackerSuite.Net is an integrated suite of Web based business applications, which organizations can leverage to improve IT reliability and efficiency through empowering users, automating workflow, and providing managers and administrators tools and reports for tracking and managing IT processes, including project management (Project Tracker.Net), support services (Support Tracker.Net)  and asset management (Asset Tracker.Net).

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Empowering Users

TrackerSuite.Net provides a configurable, role-based interface that users can access via a browser or even within their Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes email client to attend their IT responsibilities. From any location, users can:

  • Access a user desktop with widgets that show the user’s open tasks, assigned support tickets and more.
  • View project home pages that centralize all project related information, including tasks, status reports, team members and documents, putting them a click away from the information and tools they need.
  • Submit support tickets with attachments, such as screenshots of errors, or log files. Users can also send emails to designated addresses that convert the received email into a ticket.

Automating Workflow

  • Submitted support tickets are automatically routed based on Service Level Agreements and request type. Support Tracker.Net can be mapped to almost any help desk matrix.
  • TrackerSuite.Net modules integrate with email to automate notifications and reminder functions, including task and ticket assignments, reminders for late timesheets and status reports, and overdue ticket notifications.
  • TrackerSuite.Net offers functions for the automated mailing of IT project and support service newsletters for task assignments and ticket status.
  • Asset Tracker.Net simplifies the cataloging of assets with a Survey function, sending a form via email to users in which they can report the assets in their possession that also automatically collects information about the computer they are using including hardware specifications and installed applications.
  • IT Managers can leverage provisioning lists in Asset Tracker.Net, to ensure new employees are provided with the tools they need to begin working a, including hardware, applications, online accounts and more.

Tracking and Managing IT Projects, Support Services and Assets

For More Information

For more information about leveraging TrackerSuite.Net to improve IT reliability and efficiency, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email
Automation Centre is also pleased to offer a free demo of TrackerSuite.Net, which includes its applications for project management, time and expense reporting, purchasing, payment requests, personnel management, support services and more. Interested parties may register for immediate access to an evaluation site to make a hands-on evaluation of TrackerSuite.Net for their needs.

Web based project dashboard

Centralized Information on Project Home Pages

Web based project budget dashboard

Color Coded IT Project Dashboards

Color coded ticket dashboards

Track Help Desk Performance with Support Ticket Dashboards

Automated IT asset surveys

Simplify Asset Cataloging with Automated Surveys