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Web Based IT Service Management Software

A Web based IT service management software (ITSM) solution, TrackerSuite.Net includes integrated tools for Project Management, Help Desks and CRM.

ITSM is a customer-focused discipline of managing information technology systems. The objective of ITSM is to recognize the quality of information technology services provided to customers and the impact of that quality on the relationship the organization has with the customer.

TrackerSuite.Net, a Web based application suite, provides Web based solutions for online project management, help desk processes and Web based CRM. The integrated nature of these applications simplifies the establishment of an ITSM process, and addresses its common hurdles.

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There are several difficulties facing organizations that try to embrace this discipline. These difficulties include:

  • Effective communication with the customer on information technology matters, typically related to projects and service requests.
  • Efficient management of work performed for the customer, to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • The ability to measure and describe the value of work performed for the customer.
Communicating with Customers
Customer Tracker.Net serves as an online CRM database. It stores company and key contact information, as well as providing tools for scheduling customer activities and check-ups. Customer Tracker.Net even simplifies the management of customer correspondence. As well as contact information and scheduling tools, the customer profile also includes links to customer-related projects and support tickets, providing a single, central location for everything related to the customer work they are performing.
Effective Management of Projects and Support
Project Tracker.Net is a comprehensive project management system with bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project. As well as simplifying the project management process, Project Tracker.Net integrates with Customer Tracker.Net to provide a "Customers & Billing" tab in its project definition document. This tab contains key information about the customer for whom the project is being developed, including key contact information, billing rates and milestones, and functions for invoice generation.

Likewise, Support Tracker.Net automates the support process. Tickets can be submitted via Web form or even by email for automated transcription into a help desk ticket. Submitted help desk tickets are automatically routed based on priority and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) established with the customer. Help desk tickets can also be converted into a project tasks, a useful feature if the customer's ticket is related to an ongoing project.

Widgets populated by data from Support Tracker.Net and Project Tracker.Net can be utilized to establish an IT dashboard for managers and executives.
Describing Value
Communicating value to a customer is often a matter of describing the costs of a project against its schedule and expected benefits, or the performance of support in terms of activities and ticket closure rates. To facilitate this, Project Tracker.Net and Support Tracker.Net are also integrated with TrackeSuite.Net modules for Web timesheets, online expense reports and Web based purchase orders. This integration allows organizations to more easily provide their customers detailed information about the labor and expenditures involved in the work performed.

In addition, TrackerSuite.Net generates an array of business intelligence reports which organizations can utilize to establish their performance for customers, including Earned Value, Open/Closed/Escalated Ticket Reports, Activity Ledgers and more.
Web based project dashboard

Centralized Project Information and Tools, Available via Browser or Email Client

Support Ticket

Simplified Support Ticket Management

Web based customer files

Comprehensive, Online Customer Files