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ITIL Service Delivery

ITIL Service Delivery is facilitated by TrackerSuite.Net, which simplifies the tracking and measurement of IT service performance, ensuring that the support that business users receive is satisfactory and cost-effective.

The ITIL Service Delivery discipline measures the cost and performance of IT services in several areas. Project Tracker.Net, a Web based project management system which can be used to execute IT initiatives, and Support Tracker.Net, which serves as a comprehensive Web based Service Desk, push their data to the Tracker Data Warehouse. The Tracker Data Warehouse is a Web based reporting engine that generates a wide array of reports on these services.

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Service Level Management

This is concerned with continuous identification, monitoring and review of the levels of IT services specified in the SLAs. The pertinent Tracker Data Warehouse reports include:

Capacity Management

This is concerned with optimizing the service level and cost effectiveness of IT services by improving the matchmaking of IT resources to business demands. The pertinent Tracker Data Warehouse reports include:

  • Employee Capacity.
  • Allocation by Resource.
  • Allocation by Cost Center.

Availability Management

This is concerned with justifying the cost of sustaining IT service to support the business. The pertinent Tracker Data Warehouse reports include:

  • Allocation by Employee.

Financial Management for IT Services

This is concerned with is responsible for budgeting for IT services, accounting for expenditure and where required implementing charging for IT Services. Financial Management also assesses the Total Cost of Ownership and oversees activities in demonstrating value for money (VFM). The pertinent Tracker Data Warehouse reports include:

  • Budget vs. Actual.
  • Earned Value.
  • Project Profitability.
Track open, closed and escalated support tickets

Review Service Desk Performance

Resource Availability reports

Resource Availability Views

Earned Value Report

Earned Value Report