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Simplify Lotus Notes Migration to the Web

TrackerSuite.Net simplifies the migration path of organizations seeking to transition from a Lotus Notes platform to Exchange or the Web.

Automation Centre has over 15 years experience in developing enterprise-class business applications for the Lotus Notes platform, through our award-winning collaboration suite, Tracker Suite for Lotus Notes.

Tracker Suite included modular solutions for the processes that drive organizations, including Project Management, Time and Expense Reporting, Purchasing, Help Desk Services, Personnel Management and more. The ability of these applications to effortlessly scale with organizations and their flexibility made them popular with small businesses and large corporations alike.

We leveraged that develpment experience in the creation of our 100% Web based solution, TrackerSuite.Net, which provides many of the same functions but with the speed of Web applications. TrackerSuite.Net combines the best of both worlds, the flexibility of Web applications and Cloud based services with the collaborative power of email. TrackerSuite.Net offers organizations seeking a Lotus Notes migration path several competitive advantages.

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For organizations considering a migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange or another platform (or even the Cloud) , TrackerSuite.Net offers a simple migration path for their business processes.

Web application running in Lotus Notes.

TrackerSuite.Net Project Desktop in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes Migration with TrackerSuite.Net

  • TrackerSuite.Net applications are based on their Lotus Notes predecessors, which have been developed and business-tested over the course of over 15 years, by organizations including 3M, DuPont Engineering and several other Fortune 1000 companies.
  • For organizations moving from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange, TrackerSuite.Net (which runs from a Web server) allows them to stage a migration at their convenience.
  • TrackerSuite.Net integrates with major email systems, including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.. Your users can work with TrackerSuite.Net within their Lotus Notes or Outlook client. This simplifies the transition for users from Lotus Notes to Outlook, as they are presented with the same workspace, now wrapped in an Outlook client interface.