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MAS 200 Back End Integration

MAS 200 back end integration utilizing TrackerSuite.Net allows larger organizations to automate and streamline the processes that drive them, as well as the improve their accounting processes.

MAS 200 software is a popular accounting system utilized most often by larger-midsize organizations, as it offers high-speed performance while supporting a larger number of users (more than 20), that its sibling, MAS 90.. Both MAS 90 and MAS 200 are seeing increased competition from other accounting platforms, including SAP and Great Plains.

TrackerSuite.Net provides a solution for businesses seeking front end to back end process integration with their MAS 200 accounting system. The integration of these two systems offers organizations the opportunity to not only automate and simplify operational processes such as Project Management, Procurement, Time and Billing, but also improve their accounting and administrative processes such as Accounts Payable.

4 Advantages of TrackerSuite.Net Integration with MAS 200

The integration of TrackerSuite.Net with MAS 200 for front to back end process automation offers four key advantages to organizations.

  1. Electronic Forms: No more of the issues or hassles inherent in paper-based processes- lost or misfiled paperwork, manual entry errors, or procedural mistakes such as inappropriate authorization or unapproved vendor usage.
  2. Tighter Accounting: TrackerSuite.Net ties project and task charges to account codes. Every line item from every timesheet, expense report, purchase order and check request that is sent to the MAS 200 system will have an appropriate account code tied to it.
  3. Unified Reporting: The Tracker Data Warehouse, a Web based reporting engine, receives data from the various TrackerSuite.Net modules to generate an array of operational reports including Budget vs. Actual, Time Pies, Purchase Lists, Help Desk Performance and more. Like both MAS 90 and MAS 200, the Tracker Data Warehouse integrates with Crystal Reports, providing organizations using these systems the opportunity to access all of this business intelligence within a single location.
  4. Improved Security: TrackerSuite.Net automatically routes items through the approval process, delivering timesheet, expense reports and purchase requests to their designated approver. In the case of purchase requests, TrackerSuite.Net offers multiple approval workflows. As items move through creation, submission and approval all activity is captured in an electronic record, creating a history for each item.

By leveraging the combined power of MAS 200 software and TrackerSuite.Net business process automation, organizations can achieve true front to back end integration for their accounting, streamlining and automating the processes that drive them and the operations that sustain them.

For More Information

For more information about what TrackerSuite.Net can offer your organization, please contact us today. Automation Centre offers a demonstration site for which you can register for immediate access.

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