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MAS 90 Back End Integration

MAS 90 back end integration is possible using TrackerSuite.Net, to automate processes including purchasing, billing and expense reporting, while streamlining accounting as well.

MAS 90 software is one of the most popular accounting solutions on the market today, typically used by small to medium businesses with 20 concurrent users or less. Larger organizations typically utilize MAS 200, which offers greater speeds as well as a larger number of concurrent users, or other accounting systems such as Great Plains or SAP.

For organizations seeking to fully automate their business processes from front-end to back-end, TrackerSuite.Net provides a solution that integrate with MAS 90 software, facilitating both operational processes including Project Portfolio Management, Time, and Procurement, as well as administration processes such as Accounts Payable.

TrackerSuite.Net is an integrated suite of Web based applications for Project Management, Timesheets and Expense Reports, Purchasing, Invoicing, CRM, Resource Management and more. These applications share data, simplifying workflow for users and improving the accuracy of processes including Time and Billing, Project Procurement, and Project Invoicing:

  • Account Codes: Account codes can be assigned to tasks, improving the accuracy of project billing. These account codes can also be leveraged for other needs as well, such as research tax credit tracking. TrackerSuite.Net purchase orders and payment requests include General Ledger areas where sums can be assigned to specific account codes.
  • Improving Process Security: Using TrackerSuite.Net, timesheets, expense reports and purchase orders are automatically routed through the approval process, ensuring that each item is reviewed and signed off on by the correct approver. Document logs record all activity, including approvals, with time and date-stamped electronic signatures, establishing a complete audit trail.
  • A Single Point of Business Intelligence: MAS 90 accounting software integrates with Crystal Reports, as does the Tracker Data Warehouse, a powerful Web based reporting engine which receives data pushed from the various TrackerSuite.Net modules. Utilizing TrackerSuite.Net, MAS 90 accounting software and Crystal Reports, organizations can establish a single access point for business intelligence across their organization.
  • Eliminating Paper: The benefits of paperless accounts payable are well known. As well as the automated approval processes and electronic signatures, the simple elimination of manual, paper-driven processes also removes the issues inherent in such a systems, including:
    • Lost, missing or duplicate paperwork.
    • Manual entry errors, such as incorrect PO numbers.
    • Using unapproved vendors.

By utilizing TrackerSuite.Net with MAS 90 software, organizations can achieve front to back end integration, streamlining and automating their production, operational and administrative processes.

For More Information

For more information about what TrackerSuite.Net can offer your organization, please contact us today. Automation Centre offers a demonstration site for which you can register for immediate access.

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