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MS Project and Outlook

MS Project and Outlook integration and plug-ins promises organizations enhanced collaboration on initiatives.

Organizations seeking such a combination, however, should give TrackerSuite.Net consideration as a powerful and potentially lower cost alternative that offers out-of-the-box integration with their Microsoft Outlook email platform, as well as an array of features not available in Microsoft Project.

Out of the Box Outlook Integration

TrackerSuite.Net, surfaced in the Microsoft Outlook client, offers a solution with instant deployment, that allows users to collaborate on projects, tasks, status reports, documents, schedules, budgets, staff allocation, time reporting, job cost roll-ups and more, all within the email client they use every day.

Users can synchronize their tasks in Outlook with tasks in TrackerSuite.Net. TrackerSuite.Net also offers integration features not available in Microsoft Project, including the ability to drag-and-drop emails from Outlook to a TrackerSuite.Net folder, to create project documents, tasks and support tickets.

Simplify Project and Portfolio Management

TrackerSuite.Net provides an array of features organizations can utilize the manage their project portfolios and individual projects effectively, which users can access within their Microsoft Outlook client: dashboards for projects and risks, resource availability views with drill down, task lists and calendars, project home pages, online document storage and more.

TrackerSuite.Net also delivers a number of features unavailable in Microsoft Project, which simplify the user experience as well as providing organizations new ways to leverage their Outlook email system for business processes.

Surface Project Homepages in Outlook

Transform Outlook into a Project Management Portal

Outlook timesheet

Project Time Reporting in Outlook

Document management with Outlook

Manage Project Documents in Outlook