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Oracle Accounts Payable System

An Oracle Accounts Payable system, established by utilizing TrackerSuite.Net applications as a front-end for Purchasing, Check Requests and Expense Reporting.

For organizations seeking to automate Accounts Payable utilizing Oracle as a back-end accounting system, TrackerSuite.Net provides highly configurable, Web based front-end applications for purchase order management, payment requests and expense reporting. Utilizing Web services, these applications can integrate with Oracle, allowing organizations to streamline and automate these processes in and of themselves, as well as establish a fully automated Accounts Payable system.

These applications include:

Purchase Tracker.Net: A Web based purchase order system. Easy to use purchase order forms allow users to quickly populate fields with purchasing and shipping information, as well as select approved vendors from a database. These forms include a General Ledger area where users can assign totals to specific account codes. Purchase Tracker.Net provides multiple approval workflows, dependent on spending limits and departmental rules.

Payment Tracker.Net: A check request system, Payment Tracker.Net fills in for Purchase Tracker.Net in situations that fall outside the typical procurement process. Like Purchase Tracker.Net, it provides automated approval routing functions.

Expense Tracker.Net: An expense report tracking system, Expense Tracker.Net allows users to create and submit expense reports from any location over the Web. Expenses are automatically assigned to account codes by line item, based on category selection. Like Purchase Tracker.Net and Payment Tracker.Net, this application automatically routes submitted expense reports through the approval process.

Advantages of TrackerSuite.Net

There are several advantages switching to the online systems offered by TrackerSuite.Net. As well as automating and securing workflow, TrackerSuite.Net applications eliminate the problems inherent in paper-based processes, improve the accuracy of financial information for accounting, and also provide easier access to business intelligence through a Web based reporting engine, the Tracker Data Warehouse.

Purchase order form

Easy to Use Web Forms for Purchasing, Payment Requests and Expense Reports

Activity logs

Automated Approval Routing Streamlines and Secures Workflow

Purchase Order vs. Payment Report

Real Time Reports for Accounts Payable