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An Outlook Help Desk

Outlook help desk solutions typically come in the form of add-ins offering simple, basic support functions for ticket creation and management. TrackerSuite.Net offers a robust help desk service engine that can be surfaced in Microsoft Outlook as well as other email clients.

Support Tracker.Net simplifies, streamlines and automates help desk processes through Microsoft Outlook. Support Tracker.Net leverages email to drive workflow, and also offers features unique to its integration with Microsoft Outlook.

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Simplified Ticket Creation

Support Tracker.Net facilitates support issue reporting.

  • If users receive an email about an issue, using Outlook they can drag-and-drop the email into a Support Tracker.Net folder to transform it into a ticket.
  • IT departments can also simplify the support request creation and collection process by setting up email accounts in Support Tracker.Net. Messages received at these addresses are automatically converted into tickets and routed appropriately.
  • Support Tracker.Net provides easy to use support ticket forms with picklists that simplify ticket creation.

Automating Workflow with Outlook

Support Tracker.Net leverages email to streamline and automate ticket workflow.

  • It routes submitted tickets based on category, request type and priority, greatly simplifying compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • It sends automated email notifications of ticket assignments and escalations, as well as reminders of ticket due dates to assignees.
  • As work on the ticket progresses, the assignee the ticket's status notes, and through the integration of Support Tracker.Net and Time Tracker.Net, a Web timesheet system, the user can simultaneously charge time against the ticket. Once the ticket has been resolved, a notice with completion notes is automatically generated and can be sent to all interested parties.

Tracking Help Desk Performance from Microsoft Outlook

IT managers and staff can configure their own workspace in Support Tracker.Net using widgets including Support Ticket flow charts and ticket dashboards, which they can then surface in Microsoft Outlook. They can also surface full help desk reports,such as Open/ Closed / Escalated ticket reports and Ticket Pies.

For More Information

For more information on how TrackerSuite.Net can provide a Microsoft Outlook help desk software solution for your organization, please contact Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287, or email A free demo of TrackerSuite.Net is available, register today for immediate access.

Outlook help desk workspace

A Configurable Help Desk Workspace in Outlook

Outlook ticket dashboard

A Color Coded Support Ticket Dashboard in Outlook

Outlook support ticket

A Help Desk Ticket, Served in Outlook