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Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Software

TrackerSuite.Net software provides the tools and functions needed to follow the guidelines of the PMBOK project management standard.

The goal of the PMBOK system is to document and standardize information and practices utilized in project management, to support the project management process and improve the results of teams that leverage its material in planning and executing their initiatives.

TrackerSuite.Net is a 100% Web based suite of integrated software applications for Project Management, Resource Management, Time and Expense Reporting, Purchasing and more. TrackerSuite.Net offers tools that facilitate the execution of the guidelines contained in the PMBOK.

PMBOK and TrackerSuite.Net

The PMBOK Guide is process-based, and includes 47 processes that cover common aspects of projects. These processes overlap and interact throughout a project or its various phases. They fall into 5 basic process groups and 10 knowledge areas. The PMBOK areas of knowledge facilitated by TrackerSuite.Net software include:

Project request emailed for approval.

Automated Project Approval Request Routing via Email

Reviewing resource availability by month.

Review and Drill Down on Resource Allocations

Timesheet compliance report.

Track and Review Project Team Time Sheets by Status