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Automation Centre Launches New Time and Billing Demonstration Site for TrackerSuite.Net

New Site Showcases Time and Billing Capabilities of TrackerSuite.Net for Professional Services Organizations

Automation Centre customers encompass a diverse range of industries including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy, Biotechnology, Health Care and Engineering. While these very different organizations have their individual requirements, the modular nature of TrackerSuite.Net and its highly configurable, integrated applications serves all of them with solutions that streamline and automate their business processes.

To demonstrate the capabilities of TrackerSuite.Net for Professional Services organizations, Automation Centre launched a new website for Time and Billing, www.Time-Tracker.Net.  This website shows how TrackerSuite.Net is used as a Professional Services Automation software solution, by facilitating Project Management, Time and Expense Reporting, Invoicing, CRM, Forecasting, Work Scheduling and more.

At the new site, visitors may also register for immediate access to a TrackerSuite.Net evaluation showcasing how a Professional Services organization utilizes TrackerSuite.Net in its operations. This evaluation is role-based, allowing visitors to utilize TrackerSuite.Net as different members of the Professional Services organization, including:

  • The Executive: The Executive can review project portfolio dashboards, status reports, and business intelligence including Time Pies and Project Resources vs. Available bar charts. The Executive evaluates the progress, status and costs of projects as well as the revenue of the project portfolio.
  • The Administrator: The Administrator reviews time sheet compliance reports and resource allocations, ensuring that operations are running efficiently. The Administrator also oversees customer invoicing as well as contract management.
  • The Project Manager: The Project Manager oversees several projects, and is responsible for ensuring those projects are delivered on time and within budget. The Project Manager submits status reports, and reviews and approves the time sheets and expense reports that Project Team members submit.
  • The Project Team Member: The Project Team member updates the status and progress of his assigned tasks. The Project Team member also generates time sheets and expense reports in the course of his work on customer projects.

Other evaluation sites are also available, showcasing TrackerSuite.Net as a Project Office software solution and for IT Service Management. As well as these evaluation sites, Automation Centre offers guided demonstrations of its products. During the guided demonstration, Automation Centre representatives can exhibit other features of the product that are not available on the demonstration sites, such as its email integration capabilities.  Users can surface TrackerSuite.Net in different email clients, including Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook, providing unique workflow capabilities. For example, Microsoft Outlook users can drag-and-drop emails to a TrackerSuite.Net folder to create tasks and documents, facilitating their project management with Outlook. Users can also synchronize tasks between TrackerSuite.Net and Outlook. To schedule a guided demonstration, call Automation Centre today at (520) 882-9287.

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