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TrackerSuite.Net Takes CRM into the Cloud

New Features Transform Customer Tracker.Net Into a CRM Powerhouse, Making Customer Relationships Stronger, More Responsive and Secure.

TUCSON, AZ (Jan 26, 2010) -- Automation Centre (, developer of advanced, cloud based team collaboration software, is pleased to announce improvements to its CRM module, Customer Tracker.Net. These improvements provide mutual benefits both to those organizations using Customer Tracker.Net as well as their clients, in stronger, more responsive relationships, improved service and secure management of customer data.

We have always had world class back office solutions for managing the delivery of services, says Steven Birchfield of Automation Centre. With this initiative, we bring these best practices of collaboration and workflow to our customers sales organizations.

With these improvements, Customer Tracker.Net offers organizations features including:

  • A single portal to all customer information, including company profiles, contact information, customer projects and support tickets, contracts, contact activities, files and documents. Access to this information is role based, users only have access to customer files that they are responsible for, while executives and administrators have global access.
  • Opportunity management with closing probabilities, Pipeline and Win/Loss Tracking.
  • Contract creation, management and tracking capabilities, as well as summary views of due and overdue contracts and their amounts.
  • Generate, distribute and archive routine CRM correspondence such as welcome letters, license and maintenance notifications, all within the customer profile.
  • Schedule and track contact activities: emails, phone calls, meetings and actions.
  • Integrate CRM with Project and IT workflows. Named contacts in Customer Tracker.Net may access a portal to submit project requests and support tickets directly to TrackerSuite.Net Project Management and Service Desk solutions.
  • Customer Tracker.Net serves as a customer information store for the other TrackerSuite.Net modules, eliminating the need to manually enter customer information that is already available, simplifying billing and invoice generation for customer projects and support.

The new version of Customer Tracker.Net is scheduled for commercial release in March 2010. However, it is available for review now, on the TrackerSuite.Net evaluation site. Interested parties may register at www.TrackerSuite.Net/RFI for immediate access to the demo, where they can experience a hands-on evaluation of Customer Tracker.Net, as well as the other TrackerSuite.Net modules. Automation Centre also offers trial programs where organizations can evaluate TrackerSuite.Net for their business needs with private evaluation sites.

Automation Centre offers several hosting plans for TrackerSuite.Net, as well as providing organizations the option to license and install TrackerSuite.Net within their own infrastructure.

An online customer file.

Online Customer Profiles

A view showing all contracts with a customer.

Track Customer Contracts

Assigning customer contact activities.

Schedule and Track Activities