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A New Solution for Agile Project Management - TrackerSuite.Net 3.5

With its latest release, TrackerSuite.Net 3.5 offers organizations seeking solutions that facilitate Agile project management methodologies a new option, one that empowers cross functional teams to organize, communicate and work together productively.

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) July 23, 2010

Organizations looking for Web based Agile project management software solutions have a new option, TrackerSuite.Net.

Agile methodologies are gaining increasing favor, particularly in software development projects, as they focus on rapid production and are flexible to changes in scope. The structure of Agile projects allows small units of work to be completed, tested and delivered in a comparatively short amount of time, improving the satisfaction of customers with continuous distribution of well-built deliverables. These rapid, high-quality deliveries rely on the ability of diverse, cross-functional teams to communicate and work together effectively.

TrackerSuite.Net, an online project management and virtual office platform, combines the collaborative power of email with the speed and flexibility of Web based applications, providing tools and functions that organizations can utilize to facilitate their Agile project management initiatives.

"TrackerSuite.Net is a natural tool for Agile project methodologies," says Steven Birchfield of Automation Centre. "Agile methodologies rely on the productive integration of different groups within the organization, not just Project Management but also those groups responsible for IT and CRM. TrackerSuite.Net is a common tool that every group can utilize to participate in Agile projects and access current information on-demand. TrackerSuite.Net provides a hub that these different groups can use to self-organize, communicate and work together productively."

"Our modular applications integrate with each other, simplifying workflow for these groups. Support tickets submitted to IT regarding a project can be converted into tasks for the project teams. Customer relationship managers can review their client's support tickets and projects within the customer file in the TrackerSuite.Net Web based CRM module."

"TrackerSuite.Net can also be accessed within email client, allowing project teams to work within the same application they communicate with every day. Best of all, it doesn't matter what email client is being used. Your project teams could be using Microsoft Outlook while your outsourced resources are using Lotus Notes, or even Gmail - it's all the same to TrackerSuite.Net."

As well as serving as a communications and workplace hub for projects, TrackerSuite.Net facilitates Agile project management with features including:

  • Using the TrackerSuite.Net WBS, which supports the creation of sub-tasks and dependencies, organizations can easily break down their projects into discrete tasks for fulfillment.
  • Product owners and managers can track their sprint backlog using views that display open tasks, their assignees, and the time expected for their completion at a weekly or monthly level.
  • Any date changes made to a project or task schedule can (at the option of the user), generate an automated email message that can be sent to project team members, managers, stakeholders and sponsors.
  • TrackerSuite.Net simplifies the sharing of meaningful information, allowing users to copy and paste views including color-coded project dashboards into emails, and to transform status reports into full PowerPoint presentations with the click of a button.
  • Account codes can be tied to tasks and financial items, which can be leveraged for SOP 98-1 capitalization as well as allowing organizations to utilize TrackerSuite.Net as part of a Web based Earned Value Management system in the course of software development projects.

Automation Centre released the latest version of TrackerSuite.Net, version 3.5, last month. A free, online evaluation is available. Interested parties may register at the TrackerSuite.Net product website,, for immediate access to the demo, where they can experience a hands-on evaluation of TrackerSuite.Net. Automation Centre also offers trial programs where organizations can review TrackerSuite.Net for their business needs with private evaluation sites.

Automation Centre provides several hosting plans for TrackerSuite.Net, as well as offering organizations the option to license and install TrackerSuite.Net within their own infrastructure.

About Automation Centre

Automation Centre is a leading provider of advanced team collaboration software solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes. Automation Centre's primary products include Tracker Suite and TrackerOffice, which provide exceptional simplicity and ease-of-use through their integration with Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, respectively; and TrackerSuite.Net, which leverages the power of cloud computing to deliver access and collaboration via a virtual office interface. For more information about Automation Centre and its other products, visit (corporate website), (for Lotus Notes / Domino products) and (for Microsoft Outlook / Exchange products).

Automation Centre is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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