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A New Project and IT Management Software Release from Automation Centre

The Latest Release of TrackerSuite.Net 3.7 Offers Powerful New Features, Performance and New Support for Project and Change Request Management.

Automation Centre is pleased to announce the release of TrackerSuite.Net 3.7, the latest version of its enterprise class Online Project Management and IT Workflow suite. This new release delivers powerful new features, allowing users to customize a view and publish it as a menu choice for others, empowered collaboration via email threading and the ability to quickly drill up, down and even across project and resource data.

"While the release of TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 is on target for early next year," said Salil Agrawal of Automation Centre, "we felt that the new features we had in place, as well as improvements to the performance of existing applications, warranted a release of their own as TrackerSuite.Net 3.7. This version offers significant improvements in performance and features, as well as creating a richer, more fluid user experience through interface enhancements."

This new release includes a number of performance and usability improvements. One of the most significant updates in TrackerSuite.Net 3.7 is new support for IT Service Management, particularly Change Management and Project Requests. Support Tracker.Net now manages requests, authorizations, testing and deployment of changes to IT.

Other TrackerSuite.Net 3.7 improvements include:

  • Users can now customize a view, then publish it as a menu choice for other users with just a few clicks, no need to submit a request to IT and wait for a specialized view to be inserted in the interface.
  • New resourcing functions including new widgets, such as a Project Resource Availability graph for tracking and forecasting workloads.
  • New customizable columns are now available in views and reports.
  • Increased support for mobile devices. Users can login to TrackerSuite.Net views on an iPhone.
  • Track and manage resources more effectively with new workload filters, including Project Status, Approved Status and Priority.
  • New drill down reports that simplify project financial management with meta-level views of Resources, Projects, Time and Financials from which users can drill down to a granular level of data.
  • Improved security through role-based "steering". Task assignees can edit tasks, and team members can see project financials.
  • Support for email threading in Support Tracker.Net and Customer Tracker.Net databases.

"This version offers significant improvements in performance and features, as well as creating a richer, more fluid user experience through interface enhancements."

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Gartner Inc., a premier information technology research and advisory company that delivers technology related insight to CIOs and senior IT leadership, rated Automation Centre as a “Promising” vendor in its recent report, “MarketScope for Project and Portfolio Management Applications.”

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If you would like to learn more about TrackerSuite.Net 3.7, please contact Automation Centre at, or call (520) 882 – 9287.  A free online demonstration is also available, please register here for instant access: www.TrackerSuite.Net/RFI.