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TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 Released: Offers Organizations Highly Configurable Project, IT and HR Solutions

Moving your enterprise to the Cloud has never been simpler, with Web based solutions for Projects, IT and HR that offer simple migration, code-less configuration, process mapping, and user-customizable experiences that make data discovery and drill-down almost effortless.

Automation Centre is pleased to announce the release of TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 (http://www.TrackerSuite.Net), the latest version of its Cloud based enterprise productivity solution suite. Redesigned from the ground up to provide faster solutions, better business configuration and a new, powerful user experience, TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 empowers both the organizations it serves and the users that leverage it with modules for Project Portfolio and IT Management, Time and Billing, Purchasing, Invoicing, CRM and HR.

“TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 is a landmark release,” said Steven Birchfield of Automation Centre. “It has significant performance improvements- it’s faster than previous versions, in many cases an order of magnitude faster, and there is a new security model as well as productivity features. But the greatest achievement of this release is the power it places in the hands of individual users and the organizations that use it.”

“With TrackerSuite.Net 4.0, users can easily shape their own experience, how data is presented to them and how they work with it. Organizations can customize security, forms, menu choices, and workflow to wrap around their existing processes. All of this happens without anyone having to touch a line of code. Our innovative release process of defining release themes, platform changes, and feature targets has once again produced a product that is second to none.”

TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 Release Themes

  • Improve performance of basic functions.
  • Provide record level security. For example, allowing Managers to edit the Personnel files of the resources they oversee, and Team Members to see the Project files for only those initiatives that they are assigned to.
  • Provide a better user experience by reducing clicks and aggregating information into its most useful form. For example, a Project Manager might create a “Staff Meetings” folder, which might include Project Dashboards, Status Reports, Project Issues and Resource Allocation Grids.
  • A friendly, pleasant user interface.
  • Provide better drill down and across reporting information.
  • Provide a better customer experience with easy upgrades and a “Classic Interface” option for those customers who don’t wish to use the new interface.
  • Improve cross-browser support.

TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 Platform Changes

  • New record level security model and configuration.
  • New forms definition allowing organizations to customize forms, their tabs and fields, as well as controlling who can see and edit specific fields.
  • New view technology that allows drag and drop columns, filters, and the ability to publish custom views.
  • New desktop that users can customize to their individual needs.
  • A new calendar interface that simplifies task tracking and workload reviews for managers and users alike.

The new release features include:

Project Management

  • Design and publish your own views of Project or Task data.
  • Improved Web Based Gantt Chart reports.
  • Improved Project and Task Dashboards.
  • Improved user Task Widget.
  • Drill down and across Project hours and financial information.
  • Improved Resource Planning.
  • Improved security to control who can see and who can edit Project information.

Customer Support / IT Help Desk

  • Redesigned Support Ticket for improved usability.
  • Email threading/discussion to easily gather more information about the Support Ticket.
  • Approval option for new or out of scope requests.
  • IT Change Management to facilitate the request, approval, testing and deployment of IT changes.

Time Management

  • Easily update Web Timesheets from Support Tickets and Tasks.
  • Ability to send Timesheet for approval to Project Managers.
  • Ability to add attachments to Timesheets.
  • Improved time compliance with drill down reporting.

Purchasing, Expense and Job Costing

  • Define multiple formats for Web based Purchase Orders, and terms and conditions using our new work or PDF export function.
  • Better visibility and drill down to financials to see real time information on baseline, budget, committed and actual data.

Time and Billing

Personnel / Resource Management

  • Better vacation management.
  • Online employee pictures.
  • New, easy to use Resource Utilization Graphs.
  • New security provides role-based access as to who can read and who can edit specific Personnel files.

Customer Management

  • Easier Contract Management, allowing managers and Administrators to see the total value of contracts and when they expire.
  • Improved email functions.
  • Improved ticklers simplify activity scheduling and management.

Improved Content Management

  • Built in spell check.
  • Ability to search attachment content.
  • A new user interface for documents makes it easier to review their status and history.
  • Threaded email discussions for Customers, Support Tickets, Projects and Tasks.

Interested parties may review a TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 Flash demonstration and complete list of new features at http://www.TrackerSuite.Net/Version4.html, as well as register for immediate access to a free demonstration site, where they may configure their own personal workspace and views in TrackerSuite.Net 4.0.

About Automation Centre

Automation Centre is a leading provider of advanced Project and IT Management solutions for organizations of all sizes. Automation Centre's primary products include TrackerSuite.Net (for the Web), Tracker Suite (for IBM Lotus Notes / Domino) and TrackerOffice (for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange).

TrackerSuite.Net is a trademark of Automation Centre. Tracker Suite and TrackerOffice are registered trademarks of Automation Centre.

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Experience TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 Today

We are pleased to offer two demonstration sites showcasing how TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 can serve different organizations.

As a Project Management Office Solution

Register for immediate access to our PMO demonstration to learn how TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 can simplify project portfolio management, regulate the project request process and support decision makers.

As an IT Service Solution for Projects and Support

Register for immediate access to our IT demonstration to learn how TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 can empower IT departments by integrating Project Management and Help Desk services.

TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 Flash Demos

The New Tracker Desktop Flash Demo

The New Tracker Desktop

Creating the TrackerSuite.Net 4.0  User Experience

Creating the User Experience

Automating Workflow with TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 and Outlook

TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 Email Integration

Automating Workflow with TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 and Outlook

Automating HR with TrackerSuite.Net 4.0

Automating Workflow with TrackerSuite.Net 4.0 and Outlook

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